Needing everything!!!11!!1

Not trying to QQ this will be posted on the druid forum also but I think the problem has become apparent.

I've been doing randoms quite a few time's thru Northrend and I've had to bare witness to some unfair need roll's

I know you may be heal spec'd or tank but at the beginning of the Pug group's please state whether you'll be rolling for DPS gear "Feral, Ret" Tank gear or Healing gear. Nothing make's me feel saltier then a Resto drood saying "Feral mainspec" or paladin saying "Holy ret OS" and rolling on all the dps gear along with tank and healing gear because you can do all 3.

I've had many group's were the druid or paladin have needed and won on every piece of gear that pop's up in all instance's leaving the rest of us with no upgrades.

So please think of the other character's out there especially DPS who are already rolling against another person or 2 other people and give us a chance to get some loot upgrade's.

I appreciate your willingness to heal or tank and get these randoms rolling but quit being greedy

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