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Hello fellow Saurfang people.

Labyrinth of Lost Souls is returning for WoD and we're looking to recruit more like minded people interested in social playing and raiding. We are a mature minded group of people who like to have fun however when we raid we take it serious. We have raided at the heroic level in the past and aim to reach that level in WoD.

We have moved away from written applications to the Guild as it's inefficient, besides, if you aren't compatible with the Guild or you don't like what we're about we'll work that out pretty quickly.

Visit www.lolsguild.com for info about us or chat to one of our leaders in game.

Easypeasy :)

About us.

Labyrinth of Lost Souls was created by people who generally have a full RL and are time poor. Our weekdays are consumed by work, full time study, caring for the family etc and our weekends are taken up by sports, the beach and pubs etc. We enjoy our game time however our RL commitments generally limit us such that that our most active times are 7pm-12am weeks nights. We do run social activities / raids other days/times but they are not the norm.

We call ourselves a social / raiding Guild however when we raid we take it serious - this is because our main issue is not capability its time and finding others in a similar situation. We see this different to casual raiding where people tend to have a laissez-faire attitude to expectations that they play well when raiding.

We focus on Heroic content and pride ourselves in our efficiency, we raid two nights a week and tend to remain competitive with Guilds raiding 4+ nights per week. We maintain a small team as we believe this makes provides greater stability and higher quality relationships. We do socialise and have get togethers when people are visiting different states.

We don't care about your experience, we don't care about your gear score as those things can be taught / gained. What we care about is your personality and your behaviour. You need to be friendly, emotionally stable, low maintenance, non drama orientated, exhibit team behaviours and show tenacity in the face of a challenge.

For the people who prefer opposites, if you have copious amounts of time and are sinking your 20's into WoW you'll likely get bored with us and if you have your aspirations confused with your capability and can't cope with feedback you'll likely not stay with us long and guild hop to the next one hoping to hear something different.

If you made it this far thanks for reading and if you think you'd be a good fit for our Guild please visit us at www.lolsguild.com
Druid-sized bump for goodness.

Still looking for some more great people :)

Do you still need a range dps?
Yes however as per my post we are looking for people that fit with our great team first and the rest will fall into place :)

Hey Easypeasy,

I've been looking for a guild like you have described.

I've tried out a few "casual" raiding guilds and my experience so far is that either they don't take raiding seriously (as you have mentioned) or don't raid at all.

So given what you've said in your OP, and if you need a stand-by healer, I'd gladly join you guys.

However, I'm on a GM+8 time hence the 8pm server time raid might be a bit tight on weekdays, as my regular work time conflicts (I finish at that time). If you know that you need a healer on a particular day however, I can skip out a bit earlier (yay, for flexible work times). But due to this, I could work as a stand-by, rather than a core healer at best, given the raid times you've mentioned.
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Thats fine Alida :)

We raid competently however like I said quality people is our priority so your welcome to join and see how your schedule works in.

Besides its not all about raiding (although we love it).

EP :)
Fly my pretty :)

Still have some openings :)

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Do you guys need a back up range dps for heroic dungeons/raiding?
Bump 4 recruits... http://www.labyrinthoflostsouls.com./
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Bump for new openings :)

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