[A] Labyrinth of Lost Souls recruiting

Bump for openings.
Updated reqs.
Changed reqs.

We'd really like to hear from an exceptional ranged dps (Boomy, Ele Shamy, Warlock)
Updated reqs.

LF Elemental Shamy with heals OS

Still looking for an Elemental Shamy with heals OS to round out our roster.

Open 16/12/2011
Updated reqs.
Bump for a few ppl :)
Looking for a Heroic capable ranged dps.

Hi there ! just an update bump, you guys still recruiting Rdps or other for progression.
thanks in advance :)

ilvl369 Arcane mage here.
ive been away for 4 to 5 months from wow due to rl , and have came back to wow 2 weeks ago.
Due rl commitments i can only play\raid 1 day a week, either wednesday or thursday nights, 8 to 1130 server time. I used to raid 3 nights a week before i went on my wow break, however now that im back i just dont have the time any more. Im looking for a raid group\guild as you have describe. ive looked at your web site and happy with all of that. Im low maintance, let me know if your interested.

Regards Fifa (Adrian)
Hi Fifa.

You'd find it very difficult to maintain gear/experience at the heroic level on 1 night per week only.

We're always looking for good people however you'd need to understand you'd be more of a sub for bosses on farm than regular with such a low playing schedule.

We'd still need to look at an application.

and bump still looking for another ranged dps.

EP :)
Still open for ranged dps :)
Still open for ranged dps keen for the challenge of HM's :)

We have a tabard!

Still looking for 1 or 2 dps keen for the challenge of HM's :)
Still have an opening for reliable ranged dps.

We will feed you, supply your drink and pay your medical bills!
Still have an opening for reliable ranged high dps.

Boomkin / Warlock
In case you're checking here we have just posted to your guild recruitment forum. Hope to hear back from you soon

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