Southern Barrens

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The Southern Barrens are supposedly for levels 30-35, at least as far as I can tell. However, I can't get to the area, because the entrance from Stonetalon is blocked by two ?? elites. What the heck?!


  • I have NOT completed all of Stonetalon Mountains. Nowhere close. Something tells me this is my problem, but I want confirmation before I go all the way through the STM storyline.

  • I am actually level 30, not 27.

  • I am aware that I could go over to Stranglethorn instead. Please don't remind me.

EDIT: I figured it out. :X
Oh, you'll take the low road, and I'll take the high road, and I'll be in Barrens before ye...
If you go to the opposite end of the crack in the Barrens you can get down to the beach on the coast and get over to the Southern Barrens from there with much less trouble.

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