Illidan Public Ventrilo Server

With World of Warcraft meer days away from the expansion. I have decided this would be a good investment to help out with PvP Groups and Pugs on the server. This server is offered free and without limit to who can use it (Alliance and Horde).

I however have a few ground rules I would like to layout.
  • Server Moderators have the right to ask you to leave at their request.

  • Spamming/Trolling will result in a Perma Ban from Vent

  • The Server will not be used for Racist or Hate based preaching.

  • Private Channels are Password Protected. If you wish to have one PM me in game

  • IP:
    Port: 24611
    Monthly Password (Next Change Jan 1st): ipvdec2010
    User Limit: 50 (If Active will upgrade to 200)
    As well Active People on this vent may be offered Administration Privileges,
    You can reach me on this toon aswell!
    Why am I a shadow bump.
    :O Alt Bump!
    :O Alt Bump!

    Bumped an Alt Bump!
    This is very nice of you =)
    Thanks, I hope its used.
    Alt/ one of those hated reroller bump.
    saweet now i have some one to talk to when im lonely

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