Why are auras so weak? (PVP)

Title says it all. All specs lost their aura defining talents. They're very weak even at 85. They don't really play a roll anymore. Resistance aura only serves for getting lucky for people who don't use enough spell pen.(Unrealistic competitively) Devo is just like 2% at 80. Ret is a snake trap killer. Concentration is used for aura mastery.

Turn ret aura into thorns imo. (Not really but I just want them to be less boring)
they're passive

passive things tend to be weak
Elemental Oath and Unleased Rage aren't passive, they're procs.

and all the aura type buffs you listed are really only small 3-5% damage buffs.
just like paladin auras are mostly small defensive buffs.
uhh resistance aura is weak?
Concentration aura is weak?
I don't have a problem with devotion aura, it provides additional armor and that's fine for tanking. Concentration is useful combo'd with aura mastery to make sure you get off a desperately needed heal when being pressured.

The problems I have are with Ret aura. Ret aura is the least useful of all the auras and it would be nice to see it overhauled sometime.

Resistance aura really helps against people not spell pen capped, but any competitive player is going to have spell penetration. It's wonderful for PvE though.

I don't see anything except concentration aura being useful in PvP except crusader aura when it's time to get the hell outta dodge.

I'm not personally upset about the current auras, I'm busy blinding people with my holy flashlight. ^.^
Ret Aura in particular

it's a unique raid buff that slipped through the cracks.

it's gonna stay wimpy.

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