Protection Paladins need a nerf.

Prot Paladins can take on any melee pretty easily. Before the recent nerf melee was completely free to them. Now its possible to kill them but still an uphill battle. Caster dps destroys them however.

They even out more vs melee at 85 though since wog only heals for about 15% of their max life and their burst goes down quite a bit. So no need to fret.
you sir op you deserve a 9.5/10.
lets nerf mages instead.
I think you should wait to see what lvl 85 is like before you starting demanding nerfs....
They have all these waffles (waffle and a waffle) and they can just waffle out of anything.
Successful Troll is Successful.
It takes almost no skill. I can get Holy Power from Crusader Strike, hit, miss, dodge, or parry.

You're an idiot. It does do this. Next time pay attention when you're rolling your face against your keyboard.

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