[A] Recent transfer LF casual raiding guild

Bleeding Hollow
After doing some research I recently transferred this character to Bleeding Hollow for the coming expansion and am now looking for a home. I am fairly active and a competent raider, but due to law school cannot commit to a regular progression type raiding schedule. I also sometimes pvp. I'm looking for a guild where I can contribute as an active member and occasionally raid (I prefer 10mans but don't particularly dislike 25's).
I normally maintain a much more optimal set up talent and gear-wise (see my main: Broner on Aegwynn), but considering cata drops next week and this toon hit 80 in October I've had no desire to sink too much time or gold gearing up just to level.

In short, I'm looking for a guild that will welcome an active member, a competent substitute raider, and an occasional pvp'er.

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