Obsidian Knights recruiting!

Obsidian Knights is recruiting for Cataclysm 10m raiding and rated BGs!

We're a new guild made up of old friends, looking to complete all of the Cataclysm content. We downed Lich King, and will be looking forward to killing Deathwing and his cronies. Raid time will be Wed/Thu after 5PM server, Friday TBD.

We'll be gunning for guild achievements right away, our very own Maidenlost has 40+ exalted reputations already. (43, IIRC)

I will have 8 80s by this weekend (Have 6 atm) and will be playing whatever the guild needs for Cataclysm.

Our current roster:
Maidenlost - Prot Paladin
Genaric - Ret Paladin
Hajimenoippo - Hunter

Degda - Feral Druid (PvP only)
Kalii - Warlock (PvP Only)

My alts:
Prot Paladin (Serlytre)
Blood DK (Eridaskil)
Disc Priest (Kallazius)
Resto Shaman (Aurielas)
Frost Mage (Aelirna)
Feral Druid (Rei)
BM Hunter (Drogoshi)

Let me know if you're interested in joining us for PvP or PvE, and I'll try to contact you in game as soon as possible. :) If you don't want to post on the forum, feel free to send me an ingame mail.
Bump! If you have any questions about the guild let me know.
awesome peoples o_o-b
JK, that you? :P Come back and raid with me.

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