Blackrock Leveling as Alliance. Truce?

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Blackrock Leveling as Alliance.

No 4 words have made a $25 transfer sound more appealing for Alliance with the current faction ratio on the server.

The problem is that once people leave the realm, even with just the intention to level, many never come back as they find new guilds and better conditions on their new server.

During WotLK progression, Blackrock has lost a number of major guilds to either Horde or more populated Alliance servers, and as we lose more Alliance the sliding scale of transfers just becomes steeper.

I'm not exactly sure what happens when a PvP server loses enough of one faction to make it PvE by default but is this is happening to Blackrock?

Ok, so under the current 1:1 matching system Blackrock Horde will almost never get to see Tol Barad, but what else is a down side of wiping out a faction completely? .. Will the PvP server just become PLAIN BORING?

I'm sure this post will get a few of the <insert number here>yr olds who will post "I'maz gonnaz gank ya", because their simple minds won't comprehend the greater picture... people don't pay to play this game for other peoples fun and amusement. they play it for their own.

Some Alliance say - "I'll just farm dungeons" .. others will say "Farming dungeons is boring, it's not why I play this game - $25 transfer inc"... the scale gets steeper.

There will be entire Guilds on Alliance at the moment that will make a call within the first 2 weeks of leveling whether they are transferring off the server based on how difficult it will be to quest.

So what can we do to stop a PvP server dying?

Alliance: For the love of god, next time someone asks in Trade "How is this server for Alliance.. Stop scaring them off... you don't even need to tell white lies, just say its ok and point out that the queue for Tol Barad is short.

Horde: Leveling Truce?? (If so spread the word). Lets try and not scare off the Alliance we have left? If we lose the Alliance this "PvP" server will go down the toilet.

PS All you Blood Elf fan boi's go back to Alliance and roll a Worgen !! You know you want to !! - I KNOW I AM !!


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