Feeling a little bit broken

I am having some issues since the last 2 patches...
I was running randoms healing and doing just fine at that,then after the patches i ran a few and we wiped every time because of me.
It took me a moment to realize that my shock,word and holy light were healing a quarter of what they were so i switched up and flash was healing what my shock used to.
I tired to mix it up and use flash and divine but i kept ooming and couldnt keep up cause my lower heals would only manage the damage taken and i couldnt get ahead..
Anyone have some advice on how to get around this aside from the usual off comment of re-spec or get to 80?
I really like running but cant manage to and its getting me a little frustrated
(and before anyone says it yes im in my holy spec,am geared correctly,and this was after the class changes and within the last 2 patches lol)
Thanks to all who can gimme a little help
It took a little bit of adjusting since Cata patch but the way I've been healing, holy light is my spam heal. Use holy shock when available to boost holy power, and once you get 3 stacks of holy power, use WoG as a big heal. When I have 3 stacks, I often let the tank's health get lower than usual to minimize overhealing and allow a little more mana regen.

A good rotation I use in crisis situations is holy shock-> FoL-> Divine. This will make up for a lot of mistakes and/or intense heal situations.

Above all, use flash and divine sparingly. They are powerful, but mana hogs.

Finally, in a raid situation where you think you are going to lose BOTH tanks, Lay on Hands + Beacon is a lifesaver. You'd be suprise how many people forget that.
thanks for the tip
but one of my issues remain that my healing power was more than cut in half it seems
i use about the same rotation as you said but since the last update i went from shock doing 3-4k to 1300-1500 about the same for holy light,i cant seem to get ahead in any situation and the tanks are taking way to much damage for me to compensate it seems,especially when i could keep up 3 people taking damage at once with little trouble and my heals aren't going up any on my beacon target
maybe im just crazy and it was always like this,but i dont believe that to be so lol
and i have noticed this change a few days ago after an update

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