[H] <WiPE IT> Recruiting for Cataclysm

Website: www.wipeitau.com

Our guild is recruiting fun / friendly / mature players. Our goal will be getting the numbers, leveling up through the new Cataclysm content, farming dungeons as we require for members to gain the raid worthy gear. Eventually pursuing end-game Cataclysm raiding on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights from 7:30pm AEST (Server Time).

At current, all races / classes are a need within the guild.

We are a new guild on Frostmourne and hope to bring a new fun and friendly gaming environment to the members within the guild. Are you ready to try us out? Please visit http://www.wipeitau.com
Hey there.

I have an 80 disc/holy priest, 80 destro/afflic lock, and a resto/feral druid (79, should be 80 by tonight.) I'd be interested in joining on all these toons, if you would take me.

I lead a raiding guild at the start of wrath; I haven't done a lot of raiding past ulduar since I quit for a year and a half, came back and retired raiding for a while. I'd love to be a part of cata progression though.

I have a working mic and vent and a lot of experience with involvement in guilds.

Thanks for reading! Poke me in game on Glitterguts, Amzarah, or Gutterface or reply to this topic if you would be interested in recruiting me.

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