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I just started playing again and have taken my Druid from 65-69 the last few days. Went into UK today and the npc that gives 2 quests at the entrance wasnt there. If I remember right she should be there unless you have done the quests before. I dont remember doing them,even tho its been over a year since I played. Can a lvl 65 or lower even do them?

Guess what im trying to ask is, has this npc and her quests been taken out or accidentally deleted from the game with the new updates?
Went in there yesterday with lvl 70 and she was there with 2 quests. It would be nice if you could also turn the quests in to her, instead of having to travel from Borean Tundra all the way to Howling Fjord.
....Did you go up the stairs? She doesn't appear until you go up like to stairs.... she's hiding around in stealth.
Not sure if that was the problem or not Zokol, ran the instance again and she was standing there as soon as I zoned in.

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