I currently buying the following:

Feet of the Lynx - 120G
Gloves of the Fang - 80G
10 Haste to gloves - Price negotiable
15 Agility to gloves - Price negotiable

Please whisper Swankleton or Swanked or CoD. Thank you.
Do you know what the word "Twink" means?

I swear I've seen you post in more than a few threads with the term "twink" in them. Is there something you wish to share with the Sargeras community?

Yes, the term "twink" is in reference to a young, gay man.

Yes, the term "twink" is in reference to a small finch.

Yes, the term "twink" is also in reference to a low level character in warcraft wearing the best gear they can attain.

Context is everything.

In the context of this forum, it is obvious what he means. Your reply just goes to show what a knuckle dragging meat head you are by repeatedly feeling the need to point this out to people. Thinly veiled bigotry is funny right?
I thought it was pretty funny...
Twinking's still dead.
twinking has been dead for a while, i'd say it ended once blizz made it to where one could gain xp from BGs...i remember when they first added that to the game, i totally forgot and was playing my 49pally, capped the flag and BOOM leveled to 50 i was literally like WTF! about to cry lmao %!!% you blizz

R.I.P. Diever and Macv
i have all prebc enchants whisper me for your enchants
if you need enchants alliance side, msg me

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