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Guild Recruitment
DFP is now recruiting for Cataclysm, most founding members have high-end raiding experience. We have great GMs and officers that are always willing to help, we are going to be a 10man progression, PvP, and general antics guild. We are in need of all roles to an extent, numbers will be posted.

Tanks: need 1 more for main raid group and another for backup
DPS: Going to need ranged mostly with maybe 2 more melee.
Heals: Need druid Shaman or Paladin

We may have 2 groups going if we get the numbers or need to have separate raid nights to accommodate other guild members.

If interested in joining PST to the following members.

GM: Arcanix, Badgers, Iochus, or Xepher
Co-Gm: Kudzu or Kyril
Officer: Weylin or Tangki

Oh yeah almost forgot we have an awesome yellow tabard.

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