Transfers are (sort of) up

I was able to transfer my Horde monk in Internet Explorer, but Firefox and Chrome said it was still in maintenance. Safari on my iPhone works, too. Others are saying Chrome works for them. It's weird, but it's possible to transfer.

You may want to wait for an official announcement, though, especially if you're moving as a guild. I'll edit/post here when they say something.
Have not attempted yet, but can confirm the maintenance message is gone and lists characters now in the free character migration service page. This was using a chrome browser.
chrome on my iPhone worked but not safari.
Try clearing your browser's cache is none are working
I just transferred 5 90s and one 70 here!!!!

For the Alliance, so glad to leave Dramaspear!!!!!
Transferred all my toons here. For the Horde!! No more Bleeding Hollow!
01/16/2014 02:46 PMPosted by Gavorek
Transferred all my toons here. For the Horde!! No more Bleeding Hollow!

Color me surprised Horde would transfer from BH, but I guess there'd be a few after all.

Anyway, did the same (also BH, Alliance side). I will miss the place, though, in my own way, but Korgath's home now.
Just sent 2 toons over here from BH. It's up for the time being.
just moved over , looking for casual guild :)
Free Character Migration Successful
The free character migration for Tantojutsu was successful.

Couldn't get it to work in Firefox, but it was easy with Chrome - might help someone else.

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