Boomie: Haste -> how much should i aim for..

I've seen some guides online saying that i should just aim for about 5000 ish haste to get 3 extra ticks out of MF and SF. After that Crit is our main stat after int of course. how true is this? Any Experienced boomies out there care to share their pov on this? Tnx.
...which guides? Those are wrong/faulty information due to the lack of an ilvl reference.

In your current gear, you should be going for the 5273, or whatever, Haste breakpoint. Then you dump ALL of your gems into Crit or Int/Crit or Crit/Hit=Spirit.

When you reach ~530 ilvl, then you should be able to CONSIDER the next breakpoint. You have to have a bare minimum of 10,000 Crit Rating. Everyone is too focused on single-target damage. Crit is simply better with more targets--which there almost always is, and it's not like Crit is lacking in single-target anyways.

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