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Hey guys.

My missus is getting into wow and I mentioned there was a Farmville type mini game. I've never tried it myself so I'm not sure how to advise her on where to go or how to start.

Tips would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
it's in Valley of the Four Winds zone, you'll have to be level 85 to even start the questline to unlock it, and be level 90 to expand it further and gain reputation with the Tiller NPCs

edit: here is a wowpedia link :
I've never played Farmville but I'm pretty sure the farm has little in common with the game besides the obvious. It's just a set of dailies.
First, spend a majority of your time and life leveling to at least 86.

Then, follow a linear quest line in Valley of the Four Winds to unlock Mini Farmville.

Unless the starter quest is right there in the town itself.

Then you get to play Farmville.
The Tiller's reputation and farm are nothing like Farmville.

I'm thinking he was meaning Plants Vs. Zombies. Not sure though.
If thats why she wants to play, i advise you to tell her not to waste the money buying all the expacs and leveling all the way to 85-6 just to find out:
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It's just a set of dailies.

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