RP-WPvP Campaign: War of the North

Bleeding Hollow
Horde: No longer subdued by the Kor'kron, the Forsaken of Undercity grow restless. Sylvanas Windrunner has begun a new campaign of terror in the north. Using every weapon at her disposal, she seeks to seize control of the entirety of the Eastern Kingdoms, and nothing, not even death, will stand in her way.

Alliance: Word has reached the Alliance that Undead forces have begun gathering in great numbers. King Varian Wrynn has decreed the menace in the north will be dealt with once and for all. Amassing an army in the ancient city of Ironforge, the Alliance seeks to take back the Undercity, and put an end to the plague of undeath once and for all.

General Idea:

The general idea for this is to have large world PvP battles across multiple zones. For example if the campaign started in Hillsbrad Foothills and the Alliance wipe the horde/win the battle in Hillsbrad the Horde will have to regroup in Silverpine, if the Horde win the battle in Hillsbrad the Alliance would have to regroup in Arathi, with each loss or victory either moving you closer or further from your destination. Etc etc until the battle ends either in Undercity or Ironforge.

Rules (Subject to change)
-Ground mounts only

I would appreciate any constructive feedback on this idea, this is the first draft so there's still a ton of kinks to work out, etc. So really any opinions are welcomed, let me know what you guys think.

In progress, event date to be announced
Isengard it is
Aslan would be proud

Until WoD need more pizzaz in WPvP na mean?
rt 4 aslan
Idea has been floated before but near impossible to make work off paper due to the attitudes of players on both sides

Players dont care about the content of a fight anymore nor rules

GL to ya
I like that it's confined to a smaller patch of the game world. It'd be nice if the RP was less derogatory towards the horde.
Would this be before or after your entire guild farms immunities? I don't think those are very RP-friendly.

Are you thick Bor? Sylvanas is nothing more than the Lich Queen and looks to be heading towards the garrosh road of being a boss with her anti living actions

Nothing "derogatory" about being lore accurate
sometimes I get the ED and BH forums confused
My honest opinion is that the Town's Campaign was 10x cooler as it had the chance to produce spontaneous small scale WPvP rather than a forced lagfest.. There were a lot of rules and structure that were hard to enforce but the idea was to get away from the laggy numbers zergfestivus, which I think is commendable. I always like people trying to come up with things like this but unless you find a way to enforce "rules" I see this turning into whoever has more people and whoever lags the least, especially if the victor is decided by who wipes who.
Also, as a nerd I must point out that the plot to this is literally exactly what Sylvanas has been doing since cataclysm
"Plot" and "WoW" don't mix. Warcraft ended with WC3.

It was only a matter of time.
01/28/2014 04:00 PMPosted by Kagrenac
Are you thick Bor? Sylvanas is nothing more than the Lich Queen

Yeah, I guess you're right. Maybe the RP doesn't resonate because its just more of the same; we're expansionist, you react.

Again though, the strength of the idea is its smaller arena.
01/28/2014 02:17 PMPosted by Blöm

I would appreciate any constructive feedback on this idea, this is the first draft so there's still a ton of kinks to work out, etc. So really any opinions are welcomed, let me know what you guys think.

I like the idea, and I was actually discussing a similar type of function with some of my guildies recently. I figured a fun way to spread some of the WPvP out was to designate a weekly PvP "zone" and encourage smaller groups (no more than 10) and single WPvPers to head out to this zone to kind of "hold" it and fight people of the opposite faction. I figured a good set of "guidelines" (It's difficult to enforce hard and fast "rules" when we have no actual power) would be try and stick to ground mounts, lowbie killing to a minimum, and make sure to document the event. This would be kind of like the town adoption campaign, but it changes each week and it has the potential to launch some smaller scale stuff as well as multi-zone fights.

This thing you have going here seems pretty similar and I like it, but I am not sure we can really encourage people to fight across multiple zones and pull back and regroup and all that (despite how badass it would be!)

Also, I like the RP touch ;D
rp pvp? oh I think you guys got our forums mixed up with Emerald Dream's. No worries it happens alot.
Why not try this with tol barad peninsula? i would love to see the Darkwood and the Cape of lost Hope become a massive battleground,

Horde would get Farson Hold and the Wellson shipyard

Alliance would get Rustberg Village and Largo's Overlook.

same rules bloomin onion said and the ground mounts thing would be enforced by game mechanics.
90 Undead Monk

In your goodbye post didnt you say something about "leaving the bh forums for good unlike others"

On the other hand I like the general idea of where this is headed

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