Rate the Paladin Transmog above you Pt. 3

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Solid set, helm could be better same with Axe none the less great set

@ doomcaptin = 8/10 Not a bad colour scheme. And this is my first time doing this with I think is a somewhat decent set, will be changing it pretty soon though.
Lithios 8.5/10

Looks alright but the sword and shield don't really match in my opinion.
9/10, HUGE fan of the Firelands set, hopefully getting the rest of it today :)

But alas, I am not a fan of that axe, just not really "paladiny", but that's my opinion.
@Artoryus, perfect blood knight look. 10/10
^7/10 if your going for the warrior look.
5/10, i'd work on contrasting those colors together more. ^^
Unfortunately I cant see much because of the shield. so ?/10 (maybe 7.5)
But the Shield is cool.

Overall good matching, but the boots should be a darker red, they look too pinkish.
And Ive always hated those horns on that style of helm.

For me,
Im going with a minimalist approach.
Im trying to build a set around the helm, gloves legs and feet.
I also like my shoulders wep and shield
Cant find a chest, belt that are silverish.
Anyone know where I can find those pieces to match?
7/10, lower half doesn't seem to match?
7.5/10 I would change the pants to the heroic version because they have purple gems
9/10, if you had a red tabard, that'd make it better. Very nice overall though.
Super jealous,... I can't figure out BWL 1st boss to farm Judgement,... 9/10. I would have gone with a Cata 2Her from Firelands though.
Something missing: 5/10
that a work in progress?
03/02/2014 06:47 AMPosted by Xashar
7.5/10 I would change the pants to the heroic version because they have purple gems

Negative, the heroic ones are alot darker. These match with the gloves.
classic pally look 8/10.
^7/10 dem legs

Mine is quick and cheap, but I like it.
It's not too bad but the weapon doesn't match the armor.

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