Rate the Paladin Transmog above you Pt. 3

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7/10 its just doesn't seems to fit :/
8/10 it works well but isn't my taste :D

wont let me change toons =( http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/kul-tiras/Yihwa/simple theres mine.
8/10, wasn't sure about the Tabard and Sword at first, but the highlights on that set do make them somewhat match. Removed 2 points for not having the Batman helmet. That stuff is wicked.

Like the sword
7/10. Looks good, but it is fairly common.
6/10,Sorry, not fan of skirt dressed pally, and the sword is really common, first quest weapon from panda

Like the hammer, it screams Paladin. Too bad its so small unless you're a female human.

Sexy outfit, but the color of the legs is kind of off. -1

Since 10 is unobtainable, -1
Real Pallies wear "Robes". (Tirion Fordring), but yeah the sword is the best I had right now since I have only been level 90 for a week so far. With time spent gearing and all, I haven't had the chance to run old stuff yet.

@ Fordras Very Alliance-esque, but used quite often. 7/10.

I like how your armor looks. I just think the tabard clashes with the whole look of it.
02/11/2014 08:21 PMPosted by Valt

I like how your armor looks. I just think the tabard clashes with the whole look of it.

Like the overall look, but the shield and boots don't go with it. 8/10
I like scribbins mog. Never even seen the shield but it pulls together nicely 9/10

9.5/10 I like the gear. I wish I thought of that, logic.
02/11/2014 10:08 PMPosted by Timmos

9.5/10 I like the gear. I wish I thought of that, logic.

7/10, a good looking tier set with a matching weapon to boot, but the tabard just doesn't fit with the rest of the set. Tabards in general tend to pair poorly with any sort of gown.

I like it!
@Ryiden I like it except the helm and weapon. I don't fancy those helms one bit, and the weapon doesnt match.

I usually have Armageddon ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=40343 ) x-mogged, but the axe dropped right before I logged off. xD
@Ezeke - 7/10

It's just too... Bland... Even with Armageddon equipped, it's just so... Bland... (Would look much better on a Dwarf, us shiny goats gotta wear something a little sparklier, because... SPARKLES!)
@ Seraph
9/10, I like it, I really like that tabbard, dont see many use it and it fits the Draenei pretty well. I love the armor set too, almost the same as the one I use. Sword looks cool too :)

Im Trying something new, tr;ying for a green/gold thing to match my Sunwalker class Sword. Hope it works.


Love the sword, I've never seen it before. Lose point though for not having your helm showing.
Also the shoulders don't really match too well.

Anyways mine is something I've tinkered with to match up with my Tabard of the Lightbringer.
@ Elorhiir

6/10 Not sure what you are going with that transmog, the boots, gloves, and shoulders do not match the rest. the blue and gold are nice colors, but it just seems mismatched.
@ prolitec


I like it but its overused

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