[A]14/14H Late Night 10M LF Hunter (9hr/wk)

Guild Recruitment
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<Mostly Dead> is currently 14/14H T16

Mostly Dead is a group of progression-oriented raiders on the Alliance side of Draenor. We have been raiding since 2008, and are the definition of stable. We are dedicated to progression, but raid only 9 hours a week. We all have jobs and lives outside of the game. We want raiding to be fun, but productive. Because of our short schedule, it is imperative that our raiders use raid time efficiently, showing up prepared and minimizing mistakes.

Regardless of official recruiting status, excellent players are always encouraged to discuss their desire to join our guild with an officer.

Recruiting the following classes:
1 DPS Opening as of now for 10m core:

Warlock - Aff/Destro
Hunter - BM/Surv

All DPS and Healing classes are open for recruitment while we build our 20m roster. Currently prefer ranged dps and hybrid classes that can willingly utilize a skilled off-spec.

Raid times -- 9 hours / week -- Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday
9 pm - 12 am PST
11 pm - 2 am CST
12 am - 3 am EST

To apply, register and post an application at:

If you are interested but have questions, contact Anaxxagoras, Farther or Toxe.
Anaxxagoras can be reached at battletag: Anax#1111
Toxe can be reached at battletag: ultear#1241
Farther can be reached at battletag: gravityfunk#1107
warlock monk dk and boomkin apps
LFM applicants.
updated class needs
seeking more apps tonight
looking for more apps tonight
warlocks monks and rogues!
up for more apps today!
still seeking applicants.
apply today!
updated, apply today
LFM apps today
warlocks !!!!
up for apps
updated, apply today :)
up for applicants
up for more apps tonight
seeking more apps!
siegecrafter attempts begin again tomorrow- best is 26% last week. hoping for a kill this week

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