[A]14/14H Late Night 10M LF Hunter (9hr/wk)

Guild Recruitment
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Can get good player in for tonight's raid.
Still time before the raid :)
how about.... now?
good morning/afternoon - once again, more progress on last bug for paragons... will be downed this week.
You keep saying that! LIAR!
lolol, i swearrrr
I want to believe.
ranged dps apps only :O
up for more apps! ranged dps :o
still seeking skilled ranged dps applicants !!
ranged dps, app tonight! lets get a new recruit in before the next raid week starts :)
updated with a nice recent paragons kill. app today!!
UPDATED, lfm apps!
range dps, high need - no mages or priests though :)
Still looking for applicants
new raid week begins tomorrow! any strong ranged dps apps should apply tonight!
still seeking applicants today
Still looking for apps
still looking for last 3 boss ready rdps :)
still seeking highly skilled RDPS

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