Remember When?

Remember when seals only lasted 30s?

Remember when we had Auras?

Remember when Divine Storm was spammable?

Remember when we had different kinds of cool buffs for different types of characters? (Individually castable blessings of wisdom/might/kings)

Remember Verigan's Fist?

Remember helping that lady out in the southern end of Westfall?

What is your "remember when?"
I remember when judgement consumed the seal, and it was the only damage skill we got for a long time.

I remember when blessings used to be single target 10 minute buffs.
I remember buying piles and piles of symbols of kings for greater blessings. And then buffing that one oddball with wisdom or something.

I remember having so many paladins in the raid that there was one of every aura (devo + ret + all 3 resistances + concentration + crusader) active at the same time.

I remembering DI-ing when the raid wiped so I didn't have to pay a repair bill.

I remember giving healers a run for their money on healing done as a prot pally just from the healing from judgement of light. For that matter, I remember having 3 different judgements.

I remember doing my quest for my thalassian charger.

I miss those days.
Remember when you had to do a Quest chain to get your Paladin Mount o__O
You guys are reminding me of mechanics I had forgotten about! Consuming seals, the three different judgments (How could I forget!) The reagents needed for buffs, and of course the zillion auras we had!

I want some of this stuff back!
Honestly, I want all of it back.

They were things that I felt made the paladin class unique, something that made it stick out from the others.

The uniqueness is still there, to some extent, but there's been a lot of class homogenization in the past 2 expansions.

Like...remember when auramastery had a different effect based on which aura you had active when you hit it?

Heck, I even miss the 71 point talent trees we used to have. Or at least the 41 point ones that we had in Cata.

*shrug* Maybe I'm just too nostalgic.

EDIT: I can't spell
01/31/2014 08:28 AMPosted by Estherica
I remember when judgement consumed the seal, and it was the only damage skill we got for a long time.

I remember when blessings used to be single target 10 minute buffs.

Shoot, they used to be 5 minute buffs!
Hammer of Wrath used to have a cast time!
Using Judgment of Light on something, then using Seal of Vengeance to heal 3x the amount on every swing.
Exorcism was cast, spamable, AND crit undead, damn I miss that...Plaguelands = paladin playground
Still not sure why they removed the auto-crit mechanic to undead of Exo.

Made the spell more fun.
Mostly miss the short duration seals that were consumed by judgement
the different judgements
and the different effect different judgements had with different seals.

that really affected play style and set pallys apart from other classes.
Having to manage seals and reapply them after judgement and you would frequently switch seals mid fight depending on need from the seal or from the judgment.
Also Judging for mana regen
and when pallys were mostly a focused tank healer with almost no raid healing ability.

I liked when there was a greater distinction between class- ie druids were raid heals, pallys tank heals.
I remember stacking 5 stacks of Crusader Strike and then using Holy Strike to deal extra damage. I called it "Windmill Strike" because that's what my character looked like. I remember auras such as Healing Aura and Dominance Aura. I remember people talking about "talents" but when I hit N to bring up my talent page, it was blank, because Paladins hadn't received any talents yet.
01/31/2014 08:24 AMPosted by Velorra
Remember when Divine Storm was spammable?

I actually kind of miss that one.

01/31/2014 08:24 AMPosted by Velorra
Remember helping that lady out in the southern end of Westfall?

I still pay a visit to her whenever I do Westfall. She seems so lonely.
i remember when Exorcism was a cast,

i remember when we had auras

i remember when divine storm was super duper spammable

i remember the old pally talent trees

i remember the old seals and the 3 judgements we had

i remember the pally horse quest line

i remember Verigan's Fist ((had it....but sadly sold it....))

but the thing i remember and miss most of Zealotry..

i have a list of demands...i want auras back..i want my three judgements back and i want my Zealotry back..((.not that new one in the mop talent trees >_>)) the old one that was awesome
I remember 30 second seals and judgement and CS being our only damage.

When Wings caused forbearance

Seal of Blood

I miss the 30 second seals a bit, or at least how important they were -- you could swap out different ones for different things. Shoot, even the different judgements were better than what we've got now. Now it really doesn't really make a difference if you switch to a more defensive seal.

I also miss our old buffs. I don't like our current kings buff and I don't like how they homogenized the buffs so much that I need to pay attention to which I use in case of canceling out another buff. :| It's really dumb.

I kind of miss our old talent trees, at least the WOTLK ones (didn't play cata). I felt more like a ret paladin and less like a paladin who happens to be ret.

Although, I do not miss BC paladin as a whole. We've got a lot more buttons now and a lot more interesting mechanics.
Remember sense evil anyone? lol.
02/04/2014 10:07 AMPosted by Kataphract
Wtb auras back.

This please.

Of all the things they took away, the auras are the things I miss the most.

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