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02/02/2014 02:19 PMPosted by Killercaitie
The community is a lot better than people let on.
OP,i feel the same,for 9 years this has been my escape,i have ptsd and way to many things to list here.
i have been told to "go kill yourself" in game also,it used to upset me,now,i just ignore them and move on.
best wishes,and do remember,there are other things besides a game you sit in your house and play alone,get out,take a walk,go visit a friend,don't let anyone drag you down.

Blue Skys
I have anxiety and depression. I get nervous around big groups of people so this is why I prefer gaming on a friday night instead of going out to a club or a bar. I find WoW to actually help me when I'm having a anxiety attack... (Weird I know, it actually calms me down.)
Honestly it seems like the vast majority of people I meet on WoW have some type of severe mental problem, and I don't mean anxiety or depression or OCD. It's very disturbing, really.

I've met people who fake illnesses for sympathy, people who tell their deepest darkest secrets about child abuse/sexual stuff etc publicly to a giant guild for sympathy and attention, a ridiculous amount of girls who say and do outrageous things for attention (including cheating on RL husband/boyfriend with several online relationships at once), many pathological liars, thieves, outright incredibly cruel and/or racist people, and plenty of the harmless socially awkward types. It's disturbing, aside from the harmless socially awkward people. I do try to befriend the socially awkward people and help build their confidence, but as soon as I spot the red flags signalling the other types I try to stay far away from those drama mongering types.

PLEASE do not get into a relationship with anyone you meet from WoW. Chances are more likely than not that they will have some bizarre mental illness. It really scares me. >.< I feel like I've met some truly psychopath people on here. I guess I'm thankful many of them spend the majority of their time in-game rather than doing disturbing things IRL.
I find hoping a person is one way works in the same way as worrying that they're another. Whether a person worries or hopes has a lot to do with their mental (and digestive) health. Partly because what a person thinks about is projected to the other parts of their mind and body, and also because people can read body language and react differently depending on a person's attitude.
I suffer from severe depression and adhd as well. I've found that the game gets the dopamine pumping especially 2v2 3v3 and 5v5. The fortunate folks that do not suffer from this dark plague of depression count your blessings. Depression sucks every bit of positive energy from you and the more you try to escape it the tighter it seems to hold. The game and its complexities, the interaction with other real people allow us to live in the now vs. dwelling on what ever it is that my be bringing us down. There's nothing wrong with being thankful for a place to go to escape our reality for a couple hours even if it is a virtual world the people we fellowship with and the excitement of wining a BG (especially being alli) are real and now and that beats the heck outa laying around the house sleeping or doing nothing all day. The key is moderation. The game world is cool but ya have to get outside and move around. Get some face to face and for God sake,,,if your family is tugging on your arm asking to spend time......logoff.....if your guildies cant understand those priorities you need a more casual guild.
Hang in there, bro. I know what you're going through. You're not alone.
Hmm, I'm not quite sure how to take this... I think you should go to a nearby Christian church to pray for you about your problems in real life if you'll like. I mean it is totally hypocritical playing WoW and going to a chruch, but it is better to start some where and not drown all your pain in WoW. Go outside, get a girl (no prosty please), go to bankrupt if it's that bad, start fresh. Learn how to program or something that is tech like so you can get a better job. Who knows maybe you'll work at blizzard (my goal :O lol programmer).
I too sympathize with you. It's obvious from some comments that people don't understand "Coping Skills."

I mean really...would you rather be addicted to !@#$%^ or addicted to wow? Neither would be the optimal answer but I would definitely take the latter if it is something that helps me. Praying won't help, nor will Obama, but there will always be WoW!

As for me It's a release for me to get away from certain triggers or things in life. WoW give me a sense of pride when I heal others in group or just when I interact with those in the guild and listen to the idiotic and hilarious trade chat. It's like working night shift in the Emergency Room...you never know what's going to happen, and that's what makes it interesting!

I don't stay on WoW 24/7 but I do get on when I am bored because for those of us with co-occuring MH issues...the idle is the enemy.
As someone who is Bipolar and who has pretty severe Social Anxiety, I sympathize and whole-heartedly agree. Things like this game got me through the most difficult years of my life. I cannot be grateful enough.
02/02/2014 02:12 PMPosted by Zimaanus
i'm not proud to admit this - and i'm sure a lot of people will just tell me to kill myself - but:

i struggle with mental problems; anxiety, depression and the like. it's been almost 10 years since it began. but since i started playing WoW, i found it's been an escape for me. the game may have its flaws but it helps me to forget the stresses of my real life - it helps me to battle the demons that are in my head. cause I can fight them in azeroth instead.

I guess this is just me saying thanks for that blizzard. so many people take this game for granted - talk about how it's trash, it's crap, etc - but i love it no matter how it progresses in the future because it's enabled me to continue on with life.

i guess i also want to say - don't take mental health for granted. to be "normal" would be great but i've been this way for so long I don't know what normal is.

see you in azeroth - be you horde or alliance~

10 bucks says this is the guy who faked the army story like 2 weeks ago.
anxiety, severe chronic depression, ptsd

wow is definatly theripudic
I don't exactly have the greatest mental health either. I have asperger's syndrome, clinical depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. The point is this game also helped me cope with that and just know that its not just you and have fun.

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