{H} Massacre(weekend 10M) 9/14H LF DPS/Heal

LF1M Healer for Friday + Saturday group -- HPally/RSham/MW Monk -- App now, raid tonight
MASSACRE's 10-man weekend group is in need of one (1) immediate healer:
Holy Paladin
Restoration Shaman
Mistweaver Monk

Whisper myself (via forum post here, in game, in-game mail or btag - Wrath#1146), Llorta (via forum post, in game, or in-game mail), or leave an application on our guild website @

Thank you =-)
Bump - need ranged dps and possibly a healer as the updated post says.
More ponies?
Still looking
Looking for you?
Still need ranged dps (hunter or elemental shaman highly preferred).
Looking for (1) ranged dps still - hunter or elemental shaman!
All the bumps!
Are belong to us! Bump.
1) We need ranged dps.

2) We're actually 10/14 H now.

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