New PvP guild LF Players and Officers.

Bleeding Hollow
<Best NA Global> is a new guild looking for players to help get us started. I would like to get a core rbg team started, and maybe even do rbgs everyday. Also looking for people interested in Arenas.
I am the gm of the guild, and i am on most of the time, besides when I am at work. We want people to help get the guild started.
If you are interested in the slightest dont hesitate to message Ellieax in game or add the battletag Cynil#1358.
GL to ya
good luck! good to see more alliance
I am not interested in a joining a guild but if you want I will run some RBGs with you.
If you ever need some help with WPvP, RBGs, or some Arenas just send me a whisper.
And my Axe!!!!
Good Luck !

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