New stat priority for fury? 5.4

I always wanted to try out a new stat priority to see how it would work. For fury warriors the current well known stat priority is:

Hit Cap = Exp Cap > Crit > Str > Mastery > Haste > Hit Cap 2

I wanna be different from all the other warriors and still keep up or up the dps. I was curious to see what would happen if you changed it to:

Hit Cap = Exp Cap > Str > Hit Cap 2 = Haste > Mastery > Crit

List of things that would be different:

- Crit Lowered = Less reliance on chance to crit
- Haste Raised = Higher attack speed, more deep wounds procs, higher rage generation
- Hit Cap #2 = Lower miss chance from auto attacks
-Str Raised = Increase Damage done by auto-attacks and special attacks

The rotation would be different:

You wouldn't have to sit there waiting to get 2 stacks of raging blow to actually do something. You would go through a lot more rage. You could spend a lot more heroic strikes before you have to colossus smash and go through the rest of the rotation.

Anyone have any comments or opinions on this here idea? Felt like making a change.
Hmm... stacking haste isn't the best for warriors, because being enraged with Fury warriors is very very crucial to our damage, the only set back with stacking haste is haste doesn't benefit warrior's as much like crit would since with the description of Bloodthirst (This ability has double the normal chance to crit) and if you crit with Bloodthirst or Colossus Smash you can get enraged and get more Raging Blow procs, since Raging Blow is our highest damage dealing ability, it wouldn't be good to have less crit. I'm not saying you're idea is bad, it just might not be the best, however I have yet to see any warrior do field testing with stacking Haste, I'm pretty sure with how fast you would be attacking Flurry would proc a lot more often since it has a 9% chance of proccing off attacks, it use to be every time you crit but it's no longer that way.
I like the idea of mixing up the pot a bit, but I think your DPS would suffer severely if you did this.
I'll do some field testing and tell you how it went.
Alright, I did some testing with stacking haste, I did gems and reforging... And I have to say it isn't a huge difference in dps. Normally I can sustain 145-153k dps on a boss dummy, and stacking haste I did the same amount of dps surprisingly o.0 the thing was at first I was doing like 10k dps and I was like "well this is crap" but I did some modifications to my rotation, the change to it is you are going to rely on Bloodsurge more for you're dps. To put it short, use Heroic Strike at 100+ rage, and when Bloodsurge pops..... SPAM!!! HEROIC STRIKE!!!!! There was a lot of time I literally was spamming Heroic Strike non stop, and about 91% of the time I always had rage to use Wild Strike, I hit the dummy for 10 min flat, and counted how many times I was starved on rage and I only was completely out of rage once in the whole ten minutes of testing.

So to say in conclusion, it's not that bad.
going haste really won't even improve your rage generation all that much since you will be lacking the 10 rage per crit via bloodthirst/colossus smash. Even with better rage generation though, your dps will still be subpar as you are burning that rage ineffeciently on heroic strike and wild strike, whereas raging blow is far more DPR.

simc showed a 90k dps loss going for the hard hit cap and then haste instead of a crit/mastery build with the default action priority list.
Stat priorities dont change just because you decide they can. They're that way because mathematically its the most efficient way to spend stat points on DPS.
Crit actually gives you more rage than hit or haste. by a lot, although not directly. Basically more crit = more RB, RB costs 10 rage, this is much less than WS or HS and deals a lot more damage. If you stacked haste and Hit you would be rage starved by filling GCDs with WSs.
I would like to stack spirit. People say 'the warrior spirit' irl sometimes, so I feel it isnt fair I cant stack spirit on my warrior and be optimal.
You're gonna have a bad time if you go heavy haste.
Thanks for the comments. I'm not doing it. Used simcraft and it said there is a difference of 40k dps. It is no good.
Of course it isn't good. Crit = RB Proc + Enraged. Enraged = Increased dmg, by at least 30%. Why wouldn't you want that up all the time.
02/11/2014 10:05 PMPosted by Fashizl
Of course it isn't good. Crit = RB Proc + Enraged. Enraged = Increased dmg, by at least 30%. Why wouldn't you want that up all the time.

buffed for me its closer to 65% :>

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