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Im thinking about leveling a Monk but i'm not sure if I should... Im a PvPer and it seems the Death Knight Class does not really do anything in PvP. So what do you guys think about the monk and DK in PvP? I don't want to play a mushy class that is easy to kill though, and I am not a healer.
And I know a DK is not squishy I am referring to a Monk.
With the gear you have you sure are going to be squishy.

Best is to play a class that you have fun with.

Go to the Timeless Isle and get some iLvl 496 gear to help you out.

Or if you have Honor Points you can buy some Tyrannical PvP gear in Stormwind.
Fun > Optimization
dk squishy, I don't even....
No no no not DK squishy Monk

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