Arms Warrior LF RBG Guild


I am ready to leave my realm of Bronzebeard for a realm that does more serious pvp. I would like to know if there are any PvP/RBG Guilds on Mal Ganis that is willing to take me into their guild. I am an Arms Warrior with 1750xp+ in all 3 arenas with an 1849 rating as my highest for the season in 3s. I want to start to do RBGs but unfortunately on Bronzebeard the RBG guild here is dead, and there are no other guilds that even do PvP so i want to go to Mal'Ganis here and get into a good guild that will be willing to take me with them into RBGs that are organized and geared. Right now the closest thing to RBGs here is a bunch of pve geared/undergeared people without the proper addons and no vent/skype so we end up losing and it's all just a mess :/. So i hope one of you guys here will be willing to take me in

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