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Are you looking for a wPvP rich environment that still offers immersive role play? Tired of role playing a mighty warrior with out actually being able to defend your outposts from attacks?

Emerald Dream (server) is one of the best WPvP servers still in world of Warcraft. being one of the most heavily populated servers on NA. we have almost a 1:1 ratio for horde and alliance. we have many pvp guilds, rp guilds and pve guilds! - There is a great deal of cross faction organization to provide conflict between the two sides allowing clans to be at war, territories to be taken and much more!

We have large wpvp guilds that are always active. all major cities on both sides usually see raids from the other faction 2-3 times in one week. (This includes the Shrines!)

Are you bored of being on with nothing to do? no one to kill? then Come to Emerald Dream!
Not a Night Elf or Worgen? there are many guilds that cater to individual stories on Emerald Dream, we have all Dwarven guilds, all Human guilds, all Orc guildes, all Blood elf guilds, all undead guilds and guilds that will take all races!

Greetings! Shadow Wardens (25) is currently looking for more Night Elf and Gilnean members who are interested in a RP/PVP environment.
Shadow Wardens is an immersive RP/PVP guild. We have consent Roleplay events, small and large scale. We’re interested in building a community and seeking others to join our ranks.
Not a Night Elf or Worgen? there are many guilds that cater to indcidual stories on Emerald Dream,

We’re a very family-like guild, open to each other and everyone generally has good relationships. We are very pvp active. Though out the day the guild we have members actively engaging in Wpvp, battle grounds and preform weekly RBG’s. We house members throughout North America and Australia so generally we have a few people on throughout the whole night.

We pride ourselves on our activities. We have a few events that take place over the span of a week/month
Small casual guild meets ups 1-2 times a week
A fellowship once a week – A time where guild members can meet IC and get to know each other
Large events 1-3 a month, usually large parties, much like the one recently taking place in Duskwood. We do all sorts of things in these events, Mog contests, Pet Contests and dueling tournaments. We offer prizes for winning and for attending.

We run dungeons and scenarios every week to help members cap on Valor, earn justice and to fill the guild bank to offer repairs for guild members.

We encourage our members to be social, providing a mumble server in which to socialize or for communication during events, arena or battle grounds. We ask that for all guild events that involve world pvp that mumble is used.

If interested please visit us at www.Shadowwardens.com and fill out an application, you’ll be contacted in game via mail or whisper.

- If you're off server and applying you will receive a Pm via the website. if you include your server you will also be sent in game mail on your server.
Bump! always looking for more cool kids to come play. check out our website!

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