Timeless isle the epic suck.

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if you really cant kill anything, then dont bother trying to kill mobs yet.

Run around gather chests for gear and hunt rares.

If you use addons get Rare coordinator and a rare tracker, Rare coordinator lets you know when a rare spawn is up (someone with addon sees the mob/targets it and you get an alert) then you just head to that rares spawn, tag it then let others kill it and take loot.

i really recommend getting the 2 tier 6 chests they are both in the ordos spawn areas (upper ledge entrace is near the ghost panda village)

if your lucky people will be farming and you can just walk up and take it, if not then camo up to them send your pet at the mobs and grab chest while it distracts.

MAKE SURE YOUR NOT IN A RAID WHEN LOOTING ANY CHESTS OR YOU WILL GET NOTHING!!!!!!!! tthose 2 tier 6 chests have 2 epics each in them and i usually get at least 1 burden per toon from them
awesome advice from some of you I thank you Ill go try again if the server lets me on it kicked me off before coming here Thank every one who took the time to read my rants and took time to reply with a great deal of help! =)
If you ask in General, saying you're a fresh 90 and need a group, more than likely some people who are more geared will be willing to help you.
02/12/2014 12:50 PMPosted by Quynsesa
Thanks for commenting on my typing youve been a great deal of help pointing that out. Old contents old when youve played it its new if its the first time you play I wouldnt think some one would have to point that out but I guess they do reading your reply. Yes clearly Im doing it wrong I dont have isle gear my 2900 sec bows a pea shooter the only one I see to buy it way to much coin as I cant kill any thing now and its only 3500 sec or there abouts. you have to get to the chests to loot them kinda hard when you die and get sent back to where ever.

LOL I made this toon switched factions and servers to play with a friend but he only does raids with his guild and is only on 2 hours a week at most. The idea was to level up the armor so I could do raids and explore the dungeon s content with out being the weakest link and dieing ever couple minutes. The ideas to be able to play the game with out having to gather a small army to get things done. even the swans heal faster then I can damage them.

Im pissed off and venting as I do when you spend as much time building a good toon and find out your toons weak and for the most part pretty worthless

Then you aren't reading the thread. This is a brand new hunter. My gear was slightly worse than yours (though my gun was better, Archaeology FTW) when I got to the Isle.

A few more tips:
-get the Handynotes addon and the Timeless plugin for it.
-don't fight the turtles until you have better gear
-don't fight the snakes till you have better gear
-don't fight the non-elite ghost pandas until you have better gear
-don't fight the gulp frogs until you have better gear.
-get all the chests, expect to dies at least 10 times while you do so
02/12/2014 12:51 PMPosted by Sosen
[quote]You really should learn how to type properly. TI is old content now. Open chests, get tokens, bam. Upgrades. If you can't kill things on the Isle with the Isle gear, then you are doing something seriously wrong, which is on your end, not Blizzard's.

She only has one piece of isle gear. I dont even call that hardly being equipped with IT pieces.

OP, just keep at it and fallow advice of many here who gave you honest, constructive criticism. After you get more pieces you'll do fine and even find anything short of the 92 elite yaungol to be easy.
Likely the previous posters were typing while you started ranting again so I recommend going back and reading their posts.
Oh, and watch the areas. If someone else is killing things there will be chests for grabs. The huts in Old Pigu, the cave right near the square with all the NPCs, bottom of the lake. It really does help for you to search everywhere.
Yeah that island is tuned for 500+ geared people. Try to do some heroics first maybe or buy some blue gear from the AH.

Edit: BTW probably it would be a good idea to read this:

and follow the instructions there.
I would also recommend getting these:



The misdirection glyph will allow you to spam misdirect on your pet while you keep it healed. If you end up with more than 1 mob....misdirect your pet, then multishot the mobs to divert the aggro properly to your pet...always remember to keep your pet healed.

Also instead of clicking on your pet to misdirect...ctrl+c this macros:

/cast [@focus,exists][@pet,exists] Misdirection

Use this macros to spam Misdirection on your pet.
1. Tame a beetle or a turtle. (should be Tenacity by default, but make sure)
2. Turn on Growl and Thunderstomp.
3. Glyph of misdirect and a misdirect macro.
4. Profit
well, Timeless Isle is built up to catch up to the newer raids. Your gear is "enough" if you play your character well, and use a tank pet.
Might want to get some crafted PvP sets (they're blue at least) if you can.
Run heroic dungeons and Mogushan Vault up to Sha of Fear for purple gear.
Wander around the Isle, and if you're lucky, maybe pickup an item or two that you can use.
Maybe do Thunder Isle for the gear there.

My hunter was the easiest of all of my toons to gear and kill stuff on Timeless Isle. See my gear? Got it all on TI.

And frankly -- you didn't even bother doing any reforging to get to the hit cap. Heck, did you even pick a level 90 ability yet? Also, to the best of my knowledge, your spec is wrong.

And as everyone else said.. run around the island (yes, you're gonna die a few times) and grab all the chests.. you should be able to get a lot of the 496 gear. Also, if you have any other toons.... you'll be able to grab gear and send it over to your toon.

Hell, you could even considering buying some cheap upgrades on the AH.

Stop whining and start winning. You have your own built in tank... Or heck, try to make friends :) I was struggle on TI and some random stranger started helping me. It's a miracle what might happen if you try to be nice instead of just pouting.
Love the place. Outfitted me and 5 other 90's and 10 more in the bank.
No 90 talent, no secondary Talent tier...okay sure.
I agree, but not because of L2P issues. I agree simply because the isle has 2 things. Completely random drops, and rep grinding. Neither of which I find interesting in any way.

There is NOTHING to work toward, except one mount, and I refuse to do stupid mass grinds. Id rather go mop the floor or hammer nails into concrete.
Don't forget to pick your level 90 ability. Glaive Toss is your friend!

Also, you need to get some glyphs. They can make a HUGE difference! (Glyph of Aimed Shot does you ZERO good as a Beast Mastery Hunter).

As others have said, while on the Isle, make liberal use of Deterrence, Disengage, Camouflage, and Misdirect.

All you have to do is get 1 hit on the rares. It doesn't matter if you hit them, and then die. You can still go back up to them and get your loot.
02/12/2014 01:24 PMPosted by Skul
There is NOTHING to work toward, except one mount, and I refuse to do stupid mass grinds. Id rather go mop the floor or hammer nails into concrete.

achievement points! all the fun drops off of the rares! pets! shahao rep mount!

if that stuff doesn't appeal to you then you're correct, the island content probably isn't for you. nothing wrong with that though
if you are dying as a hunter on TI even in freshly dinged 90 gear. there is something wrong with you.

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