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I was curious if Fenris still has a good amount of active players in it? Horde and Alliance. I only ask cause I've been away from the game for over a year, and am un-sure if those realm status sites show active players or just the amount of created characters in general. This would be posted in the Fenris forum section, but I haven't added game time back yet so I am (Limited) in my posting abilities at the moment.
Blizzard is currently merging old and dead realms, and lower-end medium pop realms, such that all realms will have a viable population.

If Fenris doesn't have a sizeable population now, it will eventually.

HOWEVER, they're not really adressing faction balance, so if they merge a bunch of realms with fenris to give it a good overall population, but almost everyone is alliance side, then that's not so great for you.

Most realm population sites only use specific metrics. Some it's the number of characters with a average or better rank in PvP at any point in the last 2 seasons. For others it's the number of characters that have killed at least one boss on normal mode in the current raid. For another it's the number of recorded characters over many /who scans by many people at all hours of the day. And yet another uses the number of characters posting auctions as reported by theunderminejournal, then looking in their guilds in the armory and recording those characters as well.

Each of these methods has it's issues when tracking players and realm population, the best they can do is get a rough estimate in relation to all the other servers. Only Blizzard has the actual numbers of active players and characters.
Okay, thank you Avanna for the explaination. Quick follow up question, regarding cross-realms. Is there a way to look and see what realms have merged with each other? A list? Or would I have to wait till I get in-game and see then?
They're not listed in-game, BUT there's a list in the "connected realms" Blizzard post on the main page of this website.

Also, realmpop has kept track of the connected realms and merged their population records, and noted which realms are connected to which. Just sort by population in the list of realms on that site and all the ones with the same population as each other with a [cr] next to their name are merged together.

There's several connected clusters (I think upwards of 20 clusters or so now), some only have two or three realms, others have as many as five or six.
Fenris was connected to Dragonblight.

This is the total population of Fenris and Dragonblight together,

Guild raiding progression,
Fenris ranked 165/246 realms

Dragonblight ranked 52/246 realms

As a character on Fenris you have access to guilds, mail and auctions from Dragonblight.

Here's a look at the auction house for Fenris.


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