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As I sit here, I really would like to solve this issue, even though after looking at the forums, I fully expect no resolution to occur. I have had this issue on two separate computers, with two separate Wow-64 installations, using different sets of addons (a few the same, but many different, even using less addons now then previously), different graphics cards, different amounts of memory, different Windows Versions, etc, etc.

Both Computers had i7 Processors though different versions.
Both Computers used Wow-64.
Both Computers used DirectX 11 for display.
Both Computers would get on average, 30 fps outside of a raid, and much lower when in a raid.
Both Computers would run on Good Settings to High Settings (with lowering of certain things) and still only get 30 fps average.
Both Computers were updated numerous times for various Windows Updates.
Both Computers were updated for graphics card drivers.
Both Computers "supposedly" met the "minimum requirements" listed for using World of Warcraft.
Both Computers had the Cache, WTF, Interface folders deleted multiple times, in an effort to fix this issue.
Both Computers were constantly patched to run the latest World of Warcraft versions.

However, despite this, both computers have encountered the same exact issue. However, the issue is a random issue with absolutely no identifiable pattern, and not repeatable when desired, it merely occurs randomly and occasionally but yet semi-often.

So, on to the problem. Occasionally when logging into World of Warcraft, and choosing a character, and then attempting to log into the realm with the character (multiple realms and characters have had this same exact problem being in multiple different places in the world at various times), sometimes the character model will fail to load immediately, actually it will fail to load at all, WoW-64 will display itself as getting a whopping 1000 fps even though I know my system currently as well as my previous system are entirely incapable of any such performance as that. Both systems were lucky if I could squeeze out 40 fps, and even that was rare. IF I attempt to Alt-Tab out and close the Window all that occurs is a solid Black Screen. Alt-F4 has absolutely no effect at all if staying within the game window. The only way of exiting the game is to use Ctrl-Alt-Del open the Task Manager and then Kill the World of Warcraft Game that way. Sometimes, issues occur and the only solution is merely do a hard reboot forcing everything to restart. That is certainly not ideal but if Task Manager does not respond, then that is the only way to solve the issue. One system had decent amount of RAM (16 GB of RAM), my current system has a small amount of RAM (only 8GB). Under all cases until now, I did not really pay attention to anything listed in Task Manager, merely would kill WoW and then restart the game and it would usually run as expected. Today, however, I took a look at the details listed in the Task Manager when the issue occurred.

The Task Manager stated that it was running at 97% Memory Utilization (on a system with 8 GB RAM). It stated that WoW was using 4.919 GB of RAM and climbing the longer I left it open. I switched over to the performance tab, and it listed as the Commit as using 15 GB out of a maximum 16 GB it allocated for Commits. Only 8% of the processor was being utilized at any given time by all processes combined. WoW itself was about 2% on average. The network was barely operating at all, using less than 1% of available bandwidth.

I realize that my bandwidth is on the rather so slow side. I have now and previously a 50Mbps connection to the ISP and a current 144 Mbps connection to the router, though previously it was 1 Gbps connection to the router on my other system.

Running Windows under normal circumstances it is listed as utilizing ~3 GB of RAM on my current system which has 8 GB available. Windows normally uses 0-2% of the CPU for Usage.

The 97% RAM and 1000 fps with characters failing to load in the world, happens randomly. Over the past 5 days I have logged into the game possibly around 20 different times or so (I did not keep track of actual number). I only experienced this issue 2 times over the past 5 days of numerous logins. I experienced it 1 time the other day, and then again just now. When it does occur, the mouse may move, however pretty much nothing else will respond at all. Therefore, if I try to run the game for some weeks or perhaps months with absolutely no addons to attempt to recreate the issue, I would be unable to view the frame rate and subsequently immediately identify that I have encountered the same issue yet again since the frame rate requires WoW responding and allowing me to view the tooltip on the computer icon (which it will not when the issue does occur). Numerous Windows and Graphics Card updates have occurred to ensure the latest patches and driver updates are used, WoW updates from 5.4.0 to the 5.4.2 latest version have occurred (I do not remember if I had this issue prior to 5.4.0 or not). Yet, it still persists. Occasionally, Randomly, yet often enough to be quite annoying.

I no longer have the other computer with the i7 16 GB RAM. I am stuck using this i7 with a mere 8GB of RAM. It really sucks, but it is what I am forced to do. I would like this problem resolved, however, I am unable to think of anything else I can attempt. Especially since it occurred on two different systems that had some similarities but many differences.
what GPUs are you using? you make no mention of what they are other then each rig has a different one.
sounds like a memory leak. if its 2 dif comptuers yet youre using the same addons id blame one of the addons. theres an addon called cpu broker or something like it that tracks addon mem and cpu usage. not sure if thatll help if its freezing b4 u get in game or b4 u can open the addon tab to view or if it will continue updating when your issue occurs.
u could view fps with trial fraps or dxtory if it has trial it puts an fps coutner in the corner of the game. im sure theres 100 programs that can do this besides those 2
im also not a fan of windows updates ive seen them cause more problems than they fix. ive seen windows update replace a manufacturer video driver with a generic vga driver. i havent used windows updates in 8+ years and rarely have problems. any problem i do have isnt related to not having some "important" update.
Do you notice any increase in memory usage right after login and at realm/character selection?

Try the 32bits version and d3d9, check if the same persists.
@Påt On the old system I had an ATI Radeon 7700, which I subsequently replaced with something "supposedly" better, then did not perform better by much (I forget what now though). On the current system, I actually have two. I have an Intel HD Graphics 4000 series card (yay for windows not telling me exact models! Go Microsoft!) which offloads its heavy graphics processing to an NVidia GeForce GT 650M. Is that the weirdest thing you ever heard? Offloading of graphics to another card? I find it absolutely weird. But hey, that's how this stupid system was manufactured (which is of course NOT labeled on the system and one would not know it unless they actually bought it, started it, and happened to look in the device manager because the system is marked as having an NVidia Graphics Card, even says so on the sticker, nothing about offloading to it from an Intel card). Are each of these cards garbage? YES! But it is what I am stuck with and have used.

@Violinne I have not noticed any memory increase after login or at realm/character selection. I honestly have never looked during that time, however, I also have never had it skyrocket uncontrollably during that time either, even after leaving WoW open during Realm Selection and Character Selection for some period (until I either finally choose a character, or it kicks me out of the screen). The issue only occurs, on occasion after a character is selected and then attempted to be loaded into the world. It does not happen all the time, just on occasion, but only during loading of the character model. I will have to try the 32 bits / d3d9 option though it would take some days or weeks to actually see if the problem occurs with those or not due to its randomness.

@Oshnikes I will look up the addon for memory and cpu in a minute here. Not sure if that will help, but anything is worth a try. I actually have fraps though I do not ever use it except on rare occasions and even those are never for wow. I do not like having fraps open and running all the time, though I am willing to try that if it will help solve this problem. Interesting about the windows updates. I have also seen windows replace manufacturer drivers for various components with its "generic" drivers and then upon telling it find or load a different driver windows will argue and say "the best driver is already loaded".

In sum, thank you all. That gives me a few things to look into for now. Though all of them require some time as I wait for this occasional problem to occur again in the various circumstances.

Side Note (unrelated):
Btw, 11,000 and 16,000 achievement points from you all? Are you serious? I guess I have some work to do! I thought I was doing alright with 9,000. Wow. Congratulations to all 3 of you on that many achievements.
Just so you know, the FPS is a software calculation- when things interfere with hardware/software, you can easily get these kinds of bogus results. (for example, if whatever is REALLY happening causes only 1 pixel to be altered, you'll get enormous FPS calculations).

The same is true on the low end of the FPS.

In general, any ingame FPS measurement needs to be take with a TON of salt.

Using FPS, as a relative measurement, for comparing at 2 different times the same appears-to-be-working-properly computer, can be useful in seeing how hardware upgrades have improved your experience.

When the system is being affected by some issue, it's meaningless.
GeForce GT 650M is an amazing netbook GPU, also the Intel HD 4000 is from your APU(CPU). Right now the FPS could be bottlenecked from the CPU rather then your GPU.
@Lucylockless Thank you for the information about the FPS. I was honestly unaware of that. (Kind makes me feel bad since I do programming and play computer games, feels like I should have known that). I appreciate taking the time to explain that to me.

@Påt I seem to be learning a lot from everyone here on tech support forums. Would you happen to know of any way to determine if the FPS could be bottlenecked from the CPU or if it is in fact from the GPU? I think it would be interesting to find out, and if possible fix the bottleneck.
heres a lengthy article about triple buffering that is relevant to how fps is calculated
@Oshnikes Thank you for the article link. I read the entire article including the Update section, and I must say, that it was quite informative and an enjoyable read. Thanks for the link.
Hmmm, it happened again today upon login. I had Fraps running but forget to look at the FPS displayed. However, today was a bit different that last time. The Enchantrix addon or what it is that is part of Auctioneer that displays that annoying pop-out bar on the side of screen, and in fact absolutely no addon, would respond. It still displayed 1000 FPS on my listing. I have the CPU Broker Addon, but was unable to get it or anything to display. The pop-out bar, which normally upon login displays for about 1 second before disappearing into the side of the screen, was stuck out fully visible and not disappearing as it should. In fact, not one single addon would respond. It still displayed 1000 FPS. And still upon entry into the world, did not display the character model for my character. It is as if, the game is trying to fetch the character model, but for some reason, gets stuck and is not able to load or retrieve the model, and hence stops UI processing until it is able to finish it, which it generally never does in this situation. (I may be wrong on that though). When I went to kill WoW-64, I noticed that this time, it was only used about 1.2 GB of RAM, in total with Windows and Everything else, I was at 5.2 GB RAM and 7 / 15 GB Commit Used. WoW-64 was using 13% of the processor at the time, though nothing in game would respond. After looking at the task manager for a minute, I attempted to Alt-Tab back to WoW but it would not display anything except for the regular WoW mouse cursor. I was then forced to Alt-Tab back to the Task Manager and kill it. While I did add the CPU Broker addon, I also, after adding it, disabled one of other addons that I noticed seemed to be using quite a fair amount of processing constantly. I was thinking at the time, that the addon may have been the issue, but now I am not sure. Next step, unless someone has a better suggestion, is for me to attempt to use D3D9 instead of D3D11 and 64-bit like I was. If that fails and the problem occurs again, I will attempt to run the 32-bit client with D3D9 and see how that goes.
In general, around 1.2Gbytes for wow is very typically.

Addons honestly add a very small amount of memory by comparison- not significant at all. Even with over 30 addons, including a lot of data collection custom ones I've written, my WoW is about the same.

Btw, I only JUST moved off windows xp- where again wow took about 1.2Gbytes. I easily had a 700Mbyte amount of free ram at all times on the 4Gbyte space. So, even with the move to Windows 7, there was no noticable increase in either WoW's or the total footprint.
02/12/2014 08:16 PMPosted by Nuadyna
@Lucylockless Thank you for the information about the FPS. I was honestly unaware of that. (Kind makes me feel bad since I do programming and play computer games, feels like I should have known that). I appreciate taking the time to explain that to me.

@Påt I seem to be learning a lot from everyone here on tech support forums. Would you happen to know of any way to determine if the FPS could be bottlenecked from the CPU or if it is in fact from the GPU? I think it would be interesting to find out, and if possible fix the bottleneck.

With WoW i'd say the bottlenecking would be CPU related, on my i5-3570k (which is an amazing CPU), WoW can suck up to 50% of it's power at 3.8GHz and it uses up like lucy says, ~1GB of my 8GB RAM stick.
Just found something interesting. When I enabled D3D9 instead of D3D11, every single Monitor Resolution above 1280x768 refused to allow access to absolutely any monitor refresh rate above 30Hz. I tested this both in the 64-bit and 32 bit client. Ended up having to switch back to D3D11 just to get a proper monitor refresh rate since D3D9 will not allow it and 1280x768 is just entirely too small a resolution. As soon as I switched back to D3D11, even though I am currently using the 32-bit client, it once again gave me the refresh rate I previously had prior to attempting the switch to D3D9.
Hmm, same exact issue happened again as in post #11. I looked at the FPS being reported at it stated a whooping 0 fps. This was using D3D11 and the 32-bit client.
@Nuadyna - I feel your pain buddy, I really do. I have an Asus laptop with this atrocious Nvidia Optimus Technology.

Sometimes I can run arena perfectly fine, sometimes it turns into a slideshow and I can't get off a single ability before one of my teamates die because I can't get off any heals.

I have manually made it so the "high performance Nvidia" card is dedicated to WoW when I run it. Yet, I'm still having these issues.

I've gotten so god damned stressed out the past few months with latency, now it's this. I have 11 level 90s, and I am seriously contemplating just quitting. It's too much stress for something I have to pay to play.
Nuadyna, Dromanthius, do you guys have the most up to date drivers from Nvidia? either stable or beta.
Yes, just updated the NVidia drivers a couple days ago.
if its happening this frequently now would be a good time to try to replicate the issue without addons. rename the wtf and interface folder and let wow create new ones reboot b4 u test this to ensure theres no stagnant data cached in ram that could possibly affect the test in any way
I have done as suggested and renamed the WTF and Interface folders. Tonight I started it afterwards, redid all my settings for graphics to what I remember of them that I was using before with the addons installed. I then restarted and played for awhile. Followed by exiting the game, and restarting it like 4 more times and logging in, then exiting. For those 5 logins I encountered absolutely no errors. I will continue testing this way for a few more days to ensure that everything is working without addons.

Assuming that it does work okay for the next few days without addons, does anyone have any ideas as to find out which one of my addons might be the cause of the character loading problem? I have a ton of addons I use and really do not want to have to restart WoW, every single time I re-enable an addon and then play for awhile with that addons to see if the issue occurs. Surely there must be an easier way? Would anyone know of an easier method to figure out which addon(s) is the cause (assuming I find no login problems the next few days without addons)?

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