Ret Paladin DPS Issue

We'd be able to help you better if you post logs... but it sounds like it's probably not effectively using your cooldowns, not ALWAYS pressing something, or poor inquisition uptime.

Those are usually the main causes for poor dps.
I skimmed over a few posts and from what I've read you should really focus on using your 4 piece free Divine Storm whenever it is up UNLESS you don't yet have 5 holy power AND the other stuff are on cooldown.

Also you should try Long Arm of the Law. Being able to move around the battle field quickly and efficiently is important and adding a speed boost to one of you main sources of damage is too good. Speed of Light is such a fun spell but the long cooldown is just too painful.

Try Holy Avenger. Using this with Wings means you have Templar's Verdict or Free Divine Storm up the entire time Wings are up. It is SO MUCH BURST.

As another poster said you need more strength gems. Your chest should be three strength gems no questions asked. We are and have always been a huge stat !@#$%. Even the smallest amounts can mean so much for us. Haste is great and all but not when it means you count out a reasonable amount of strength. Your ilvl is just too low to worry too much about haste right now. You need to maximize your burst because at that ilvl it's all ya got. With your Eye of Galrakas, you'll have even more frequent bursting periods.
HA and pure str gems? No.
Glyph out Avenging wrath and get Mass exorcism. It won't skyrocket your numbers but it will contribute quite a bit to fights like Galakras, Sha, spoils, and shamans. There's no reason not to go for it, and it only makes exorcism deal more damage overall which with only 32-35% haste currently, you want as exorcism will be used from time to time as Judgment and CS have too long of a cooldown atm and the rest of your abilities are proc based.

Don't gem pure strength ever.
Exo Glyph is junk in my opinion. It does not hit hard enough and limits range. I prefer to keep mine a range spell for quick swaps running to mobs. Judge Glyph is not so bad.
Exo glyph is like a lot of the glyphs - situational. In spoils it is great. Can be good in H Immerseus, H Protectors, to me H Gala is a stretch since our guild has more problem with downing Gala before we get eaten up with stacks than we do with the trash at the start, H Malk, and cheesing any version of Garrosh. I don't personally use it often, since I too like the range on the unglyphed.

OP, are you still reading this thread and how are your logs looking?

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