Bought a brand new laptop today.

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My first time in 10 yrs that I see how detailed things are in high and ultra settings. Way worth the investment that I put into this laptop.

For those who are curious I bought a Asus G750JW-BBI Republic of Gamers.

I can't wait to see the new character models now when the expansion is finally released.

P.S. Also bought a Logitec G600 mouse. New beginnings all around. Finally break my clicking habit.
02/14/2014 02:54 PMPosted by Alisal

Thank you! I'm really excited. Only thing I am confused on is the Windows 8. I kept taking screenshots of myself and couldn't figure out how to turn the webcam off. >.>
Personally I think laptops for gaming is a bad idea.

It will run hella hot killing which is bad for your battery's longevity.
02/14/2014 02:58 PMPosted by Johnl
I am definitely more of a fan of the G600 than the Naga MMO. Good choice there. I had an Asus RoG a few years ago and loved it. Then I upgraded to a desktop with a wireless keyboard / mouse and a 60 inch TV... hehe :)

Enjoy not standing in fire on the ground because NOW YOU'LL BE ABLE TO SEE THAT IT IS THERE! :)

Yah I looked at all the MMO Mouses at Best Buy and the G600 was on sell for $58 and the buttons fit well in my hands.

My wife has a older model RoG and she loves it. I wanted something new.
Funny, last fall I bought kinda the same laptop... Asus Repub of Gamers. My only whine is that ...well... it's complicated, but I don't type on a qwerty layout anymore. I do the Dvorak layout. Plus I'm a leftie, so I really have no business trying to play a computer game, or maybe even owning a computer. The laptop switches randomly, apparently, from leftie to righty mouse and back, and the keyboard layout flips too. gah.... so I can't use it for serious stuff like my flailing attempts at raiding.

I hear your cry of pain at Windows 8 though.... oh man. bli. ther. ing.

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