Holy pali pvp

How is holy pali pvp? I have a monk and I am thinking of healing with a pali instead this season.

May I ask what comps you plan on playing as a holy paladin?
was thinking dk ele hpal or war hunter hpal
I originally typed out a massive explanation but after finishing it I realized it was a bit much to read, if you want me to post it after you read this. Let me know. Also note that this is simply my opinion, others that may have more or less experience than me may not agree.

Hpal's right now are middle of the pack (Druid>=Shaman>Good Monk>Paladin>Monk>Priest). If you considered playing a Resto Druid/Sham over a Paladin I would do it in a heartbeat. However if you do decide to stick with a Paladin expect the following.

Extremely Strong Cooldowns: Your healing cooldowns are extremely strong compared to any other class. If you cycle through your Wings, Guardian and Divine Favor to keep your team offensive your chances of winning will increase by a lot as long as your partners are doing their parts.

Great Utility: Your Utility will once again, allow you to keep your team offensive, if playing with a mage for example you can BoP him to keep him offensive, rather than having him block. You can also BoP your team out of any physical CC thus allowing them to stay offensive. You also have double freedoms to keep your team offensive.

Trouble with CC: You will have trouble with cc as a paladin due to the lack of ways to stop/get out of cc compared to other classes. I can go into a ton of detail about this if you wish, just let me know.

tl;dr You will be a god at keeping your team offensive until you run out of CDs, at that point you will simply fall behind and eventually lose in the late game.
You and your teammates HAVE to watch your positioning when playing an Hpal comp, more so than pretty much any healer in the game. This is because one CC that you are forced to trinket/bubble can cost you the game. If you're going to run a mongoloid comp like KFC, you and your DPS need to know when they're safe to go offensive of when it's a bad idea to push in behind LoS. Other than that, I seconded basically everything stated above. Hpal is probably one of the harder specs to play because it requires perfect management of CDs, and positioning with respect to your teammates.

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