New Prot Pally t164pc question

Which 4 pieces do you go for as a prot pally? I'm assuming you don't go for 5 piece since i'm sure something is itemized wrong, can someone tell me which pieces to aim for? Thanks.
Everything except pants. Pants is horrible. If you can get the Garrosh offpiece pants or the pants from Ordos those are good.
Legs off of Garrosh are BiS. Get those if at all possible.
Aww, so I have to replace my helmet :( lame. Thanks for the information though!
Also note that while the pants are definitely the weakest itemized tier piece, especially compared to the garrosh pants, it is still worth getting the 4p bonus regardless, even if it means using the pants. Even if it means using a lower ilevel tier pants over a higher ilevel version of garrosh pants, if that's what you need to get the 4p then it's probably going to be worth it.

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