PVP Holy Pally question (spirit on gear)

So I've been grabbling with this for a while.

I'm debating whether it'd be beneficial to get gear with spirit on it or reforge into it. It might seem like a nub question, but I'm mostly PVE holy so I'm still learning the ropes with PVP holy
Crit is the most stat you need in PVP, not completely sure when spirit comes but i never had any issue with mana anyway, i guess since our set just has spirit on it in the first place.
Everywhere I have looked has said Int > Crit > Spirit > PvP Power > Haste
This would be justified due to the abysmally low throughput of our most mana efficient heal, Holy Light and the fact that to keep anyone alive in PvP you will find yourself spamming flash and divine more than not. Getting more out of your heals equals less spells equals less mana consumption. Additionally more crit means more Holy Shock crits, which means more .8 sec diving lights. It's a catch 22 i guess, either go high crit and use mana sparingly or go high spirit and spam away.
What form of PvP are we talking about here, I personally have two setups. One for 3s and one for everything else. For 3s UNLESS you have a shaman on your team Int>Crit>Spirit>Mastery>Haste is the way to go IMO. This is due to the fact that once we cycle through our cooldowns and use our double sac's to break cc we simply fall behind to the pressure as we are very easy to cc. This means that we never get to use the extra mana stacking spirit grants us thus making it useless. Anything else I would take Int>Spirit>Crit>Mastery>Haste.
I thought mastery was no longer a viable stat to stack due to the nerfs. I dunno maybe i'm wrong, but high crit / int with medium amounts of spirit tends to give me what i need in RBGs. I dont heal arenas so, that setup might be different.
There are several rank 1 hpals reforging to mastery and gemming crit. It's not a bad build, because it offers some protection on your DPS when getting CC spammed. I personally run full crit, however I have a spirit shield and a spirit battlemasters trinket if I think I'll be healing long, drawn out game. Hpals with tailoring might also consider an extra cloak with Darkglow on it for the spirit in case they need it for long games (versus using a spell power Lightweave enchant on a cloak).

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