Best Paladin Names Thread?

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Who has the best paladin name?
Oh oh mememe
Uther. But it's taken.
Anything with "pally" in the name.
Mine, a name I've always had for my Paladins since the old dungeons and dragons games.
My 24 twink pally is named Retnoodle... but she is prot... so dunno what to do about that.
Palador is prob the best pally name.
Pretty sure I win.

I mean just think of everything the class is about...pretty much my name.
Everybody go home.
<---- Winning
02/19/2014 05:55 AMPosted by Ashbringer
Everybody go home.

I love it. Absolutely love it.
02/18/2014 11:23 AMPosted by Strike
Who has the best paladin name?

Everybody that will reply to this thread, as usual, has the best paladin name.

Not sure why people keeps creating this... you all win... except maybe for that Pizzapally guy ;-)
I think mine's pretty swell.
Pretty sure I've seen this thread before :p
Mine's decent, not the best though.
Greetings fellow paladins
02/19/2014 03:54 PMPosted by Uther
Greetings fellow paladins

Oh my God.

It's... Uther!

By the way... I'm Crusader Strike.
Checking in for good names.

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