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I realize that there are a lot of other posts on the technical support forum regarding this error. But I am logging this just in case you are keeping metrics on how many people are impacted by it.

Right after the patch 5.4.7 I started receiving this Error msg when the login screen comes up after clicking "Play" from the launcher.

"Your device driver is out of date. Please see [] for more information"

I get the same error msg when the login screen comes up after I log off from game play.

In addition to the error msg I have noticed that the graphics quality is poorer than before the patch.

My PC is an older IBM IntelliStation M Pro with an Intel P4 3GHz mufti-threding processor with 4 Gigs of Ram running Win XP and the video card is an integrated NVIDIA Quadro FX 1300 128 MB card; however, all the drivers and O/S patches are confirmed up to date. I connected with the manufacturers of the various devices on my PC to confirm this.

Please advise if Blizzard is discontinuing support for WIN XP and some older hardware? If this is the case I will have to consider dropping my Blizzard subscription as I am not in the financial position to purchase a new PC and my current PC works well and supports all my other computing needs.

Thank you
Yeah I'm getting the same message, not sure what's going on.
02/18/2014 12:33 PMPosted by Wizlet
NVIDIA Quadro FX 1300 128 MB card

Blizzard isn't just now discontinuing support for your card, your card has been unsupported since MOP was released. That you were able to use it without issue was luck.
hell mine hasn't been either i think blizz is just trying to get people to spend money on rightfully
I'm having the same issue as well, and I don't have the best graphics card. Can't afford to buy a new one, but never have I had steady 5fps the ENTIRE time I am online trying to play.... This is ridiculous.
me to
I had this error too. So far I've updated my driver multiple times and am not getting the message anymore but still cannot log in. Never had that message before until most recent patch. I'm not sure what is happening.
yeah, seems weird. My girlfriends computer is a bit old. It has a Nvidia 7050 integrated, which unless I'm misreading is still on the "acceptable" list. And she has the most current driver for it, which is also on the acceptable list. Yet she still gets the message when she goes to log on. But she can close the message and log on normally without any problem. It's just the message is there at log on.
Getting problems since patch. when game starts, got blank screen, and then I can log in. But after choosing a character, and moving one step, game crashes.
i have a radeon 6850 graphics card and i recieve this message as well, the card is not that old and still runs everything else. wtf blizz
I see that we are all in the same position. I get the blank screen also and it takes a minute to get to the play button. I have a 2012 Toshiba. After I hit the play button it is fine, everything works. I went to the recommended page and windows will update you as long as you subscribe> comes up with a 25 fee, which puts me in the boat with the rest of us. The big question here is WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT? Does anyone know free driver updates? how do we get blizzard to resolve this?
Yeah this is not cool, i got this bran new cpu ,just to play wow ,and now it seems not to be good .
Since my drivers aren't out of date, I've been able to ignore this message.
Under "Device Manager" (in Control Panel) you can right-click under anything that you think out of date and update the driver.
Mhm im having the same problem it continously says my driver is out of date and this is a new PC that i have. its literally like 4 weeks old and i know the driver is certainly not out of date. this is really stressing me out
And now its not even loading the realm page.
I am having the same trouble. It is saying "your device driver is out of date" and then it gives me a link. But, I've clicked the links and I've looked on google and the net for hours to try and get things up to date. I've updated everything I could, I've restarted my computer like, 5 times... and still, it gives me trouble. I can play the game, but it just glitches at first. I am lucky it doesn't crash! However,, I cannot play in windowed mode, it has to be full screen, or otherwise, it will rip and tear and lag.

I have an HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC, my processor is AMD A8-4500M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics and my display adaptor is AMD Radeon HD 7640G, if that helps. I've looked and have updated as much as it will let me (apparently everything is already fine and dandy, according to my computer).
Getting the same message.
I am also getting the same message, and my drivers are up to date. Blizz please fix this, it is most annoying.
yeah i am also getting that same message .. i can still log in to wow and play tho . i realy dont know why it says that my driver is out of date tho ..funny how my Gateway FX is only 2 years old and with haven ..Intel Core i7 processor 860 and 1 TB HDD harddrive and with my vedioATI Radeon HD 5770/ 1024MB ... whats goin on Blizz.?

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