Time for another Tempcharac Insight Thread**

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1. Would be nice if the "proportion of things" weren't out of whack, many "features" in the game are exaggerated and some are shrunk - e.g giant spikes, giant door handles, but shrunk locales - see 3. for why expanded locales won't suck.

2. Would be nice if Blizzard added FXAA (or even better SMAA). Way cheaper than old fashion MSAA and even handles texture and shader aliasing. They aren't perfect, can't handle pixel size features, as they are "fake", but damn does it look convincing. With ever increasing amount of shader usage, MSAA is not as effective as it used to be. (Yes, I know you can "inject" FXAA and SMAA, but FXAA functions better with developer tuning and SMAA above x1 can't be done by just injecting a shader.)

3. Getting around in WoW is horrible. Flight paths take forever. Walking takes forever. GW2 OOC running speed = WoW mount speed, that's why they don't need mounts - and players never have to mount. Teleporters are available for use anywhere to preset locations - getting around has never been easier.

4. Finally, the main reason this game has lost it's appeal to me. Immersion. The lack of that is. Lore is FUBAR. There is no saving it short of wiping the slate clean and reconning everything. Blizzard also has improved "convenience" the "wrong way", instead of fixing bothersome stuff so it's convenient, they instead just outright remove it. The game has been streamline to it's bare bones - stripped clean of flavour; with it immersion.

PS: Why haven't I quit you ask. Actually I have.

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