Tanking H Shamans

02/18/2014 10:50 AMPosted by Pancakê
Uh, no matter what, every time you cast EF on another party member it takes away from your survival (when you are tanking). It doesn't matter if it was "free" or not, it was still an proc that you could have used for your own survival (in essence they're not actually "free" at all, they cost you a proc).

Now if you meant to say when you are not tanking the boss then that's another story as SotR isn't as critical to your survival when nobody is punching you (though if you want to get technical, EFing someone else instead of using SotR could potentially cost you a bog stack, which would effect your survival).

Not saying to never EF other people, just pointing out that doing so always has a cost associated with it, which you should be aware of when doing so.

Yeah, I meant to specify when not actively tanking the boss, I should have specified. Basically I meant the additional SOTR procs on DP can be used on EFing people and your natural HOPO generation will keep your BOG stack rolling when not actively tanking, so that your eternal flame refresh shouldn't really be hindered and your overall healing can increase if it's necessary.

When I meant "free" I meant an ability with no HOPO cost, not necessarily no cost at all, again, my fault for lack of specification.
It's better to send 5 people up top imo as the dot will go on 2 non-tanks and then the stream will target the last non-tank without the dot. As he wont have any increased nature damage taken it wont 1 shot him and you can tell who the stream will target before hand so it's easy to make sure it doesn't hit anyone else.

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