How do you think Paladins will do in WoD PvP?

I've heard about Paladins being total godmode in Wrath of the Lich King and whatnot, but then people say that Ret and Protection have dropped to being crap in PvP now.

Is this true? If so, do you think they might be saved in WoD?
At level 100, we should be able to choose to become the Lich King.
its really hard to say, it all depends how they tune the dmg of our abilities, so far our lvl 100 talents are kinda meh tho
Holy will probably still be fine.
Ret/prot has been up and down since vanilla, i don't expect that to change
i'm pretty sure at some point, ret will be a very good spec in pvp and then the forums will be flooded by seas of tears and we will be nerfed to the ground
We won't know until we see a sampling of the changes the developers intend to make towards class mechanics and balance come the release of the beta.
All tanking specs pretty much suck in PvP. The prot PvP stuff went out the window with shield block rating.
There is a lot that is unannounced about the classes, but as it stands Ret doesn't seem that much different from this patch, aka still a good class. I dare say that The Light Within combined with our kiting potential might make us a bit overpowered, but take this with a grain of salt until release.

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