Paladins the underdogs of this expansion?

(Sorry can't switch characters to my paladin on the forums, Lvl 77 Belf Paladin)

I've just been noticing more often than not people saying things like, "Ret Paladin damage is low and they are weak in PvP," "Holy Paladins are the weakest heals right now."

I wanted to keep leveling my paladin but I'm really worried about struggling to do anything when I DPS or heal. Have they always been the underdog or is this just a phase for them?
Can't speak to pvp or holy, but ret pve is solid right now. Like all classes they are gear dependent and if you aren't doing the rotation correctly you will stink.
Tank: Solid tank with good utility and strong self heals. (I've hit myself for a 748k Eternal Flame before)
Holy: Strong AoE and single target heals (Shamans and Druids provide better AoE). You have to combine AoE and single target to get good output, Most don't play it right. Healing is dynamic and fun.
Ret: Solid dps and brings some utility to PVE.

Tank: Weak in RBGs as self heals are neutered in PVP.
Holy: Strong in PVP due to utility. (silence is your bane).
Ret: Strong burst, strong off heals with Selfless Healer, weak sustained damage, and weak survivability. (Tend to get trained due to weak survivability and the strong off heals).
02/19/2014 10:31 AMPosted by Kerkat
Have they always been the underdog or is this just a phase for them?

Mike Preach with your Paladin history lesson.

Short answer, yes, it's a phase, and additionally, I wouldn't recommend leveling a class just because they're strong right now for two reasons.

1. Strong or weak in PVE and PVP goes in cycles.
2. Leveling a class you don't like just because it's "strong" is usually recipe for disaster.

If you like playing your paladin, as in you enjoy the playstyle, then play one, if you don't, then don't, whether or not they're strong or weak right now is irrelevant.

As far as underdogs go, Paladins are usually the opposite, we're often accused of being "OP" more than most classes.
Protection Paladins have been one of the best tanks throughout the full length of the expansion, and Holy Paladins were blatantly overpowered throughout T14 and T15 content. Retribution isn't the best DPS right now, but they're still a very fun and effective spec to play as.

I would hardly call the class an "underdog" at this time. A good Paladin will always shine brightly.
Level a class because you enjoy it and want to play it, not based on how strong or weak it is at any given moment. That is always changing.

Chasing the flavor of the month is fruitless, I don't know why people still do it.

Retribution is quite good in PVE. We're not the highest DPS class but we're in a solid position and the utility we bring can make us invaluable besides.

Extremely gear dependent and you have to know what you're doing but still good stuff.
Paladins aren't as weak as they were earlier this expansion. They are a pretty viable spec.

Ret does scale badly with gear though, be prepared for your damage to be pretty low until you're fully geared.
Prot Paladin are amazing.
Ret Paladins are amazing
Holy Paladins seem to do quite well.

It's all in who's playing them
02/19/2014 01:32 PMPosted by Areos
A good Paladin will always shine brightly.


Though Ret pvp is the bane of my existence, as it has always been. (3.0 doesn't count.) It has its strengths and weaknesses, like any well designed classes. It's just that when comparing it to other classes, they don't exactly have much in the way of significant weaknesses. [/qq]

02/19/2014 08:28 PMPosted by Arrial
Ret does scale badly with gear though, be prepared for your damage to be pretty low until you're fully geared.

All the content I've done, I've pretty much been at the very top of the damage meters, or in the top 5 since getting out of MSV. Nor have I ever really felt weak in pve. I can't say where you're getting your opinion from.

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