Divine Purpose?

Yo, I've been playing ret pally lately and its been pretty fantastic. One thing that has been bugging me though is the fact that I never see ANYONE running with divine purpose. I always see that Holy Avenger is the best choice or its either mandatory and it just kind of bothers me. Is it cause Divine Purpose is RNG based? I just wanna know why because I really enjoy divine purpose a lot more, it makes a ret pally a lot more dynamic. This is both from a PvE and Pvp perspective
SW is mechanically the best for pve, and HA is a pvp burst talent. DP isn't dependable, but with 4T16 it can be good for sustained aoe.. which is something you don't ever really do.
to rng based, allot of players dont want to hinge a win on a maybe. holy avenger is on demand burst when you need it, not when it feels like coming up
Yes, it is because Divine Purpose is unrealiable. At times, it can be better than Holy Avenger, but it will dissapoint you sometimes, too.

If you enjoy Divine Purpose more, use it.
02/16/2014 12:45 PMPosted by Eralsol
If you enjoy Divine Purpose more, use it.

Do that. If you're not pushing on progress and hanging up on dps, the difference isn't important.

I used DP a fair bit this tier, and up until this tier I didn't use SW. I hate it. I love HA, it was amazing with 4T15, but eye makes it not line up properly with anything and I felt like I was sitting on it too often.
You can't rely on DP in PvP and I'm not even talking about the 25% proc. If your target isn't stunned DP can be dodged or parried and you lose the proc. Templar's Verdict is physical damage which means DP is less useful against heavy armor classes than a destructive HoW. TV isn't ranged like most of our holy power generators.

Experiment with both and I think you'll see what I mean. I'd prefer to use DP, but whenever I spec it I feel less effective.
Cooldowns are your friend with DPS. DP conflicts with that. You might not get a proc of extra HoPo while running your major cooldowns. HA is however is power when you need it.

If you're lucky, DP will outperform... However if you're not lucky....
If you're not pushing progression Divine Purpose can be fun. Getting 11 procs in a row for TV makes for a sexy recount hah.

Although a friend of mine did use it for their heroic Norushen kill. They were having dps problems, and kept hitting the enrage. I suggested he swap over, just to see what happens for their next raid night. Wiped twice, then he got a super lucky streak and they beat it with 30 sec on the timer. And you know what they say, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good heh.

Not something I would normally advocate by the way, just a hail Mary kind of thing for kicks.

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