Macro for Wild Charge/Pounce for camera snap?

This was never an issue beforehand, but after a few patches, I've found that after I wild charge an enemy, the camera doesn't snap to facing the target from behind.

For example, if I am facing an enemy front on and they're also facing me front on (or in other terms, looking at each other), if I use pounce, the camera will still be in the same position as if I were still facing the enemy front on, only now I'm behind him - and this really messes me up in arena, and I've found effects my performance greatly

Does anyone know a macro that can snap the camera correctly after I feral charge/pounce?
It would be much appreciated. :)
good question, i'd like to know the same thing.
You might be able to fix that if you mess around with camera settings I'm not 100% sure though

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