Extremely low DPS from Prot Pally

One thing I see a lot of pallies doing is not using Holy Wrath or using it very little. It does a good amount of damage.
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02/16/2014 03:46 AMPosted by Berith
All tanks are pretty balanced this patch, I'm always head to head with my warrior co-tank in SoO. Paladins scale really well with vengeance and our Haste gearing really ups our damage output. We might be "lowest" on ranking sites, but in game we're totally comparable.

Balanced as far as having proper defensive toolkit and somewhat comparable in 25 man heroic setting on dps. But in 10 man where dps is more important, paladin has the worst damage output. You may be comparable to your warrior co-tank in your guild, but there could be many factors as to why that is (Are you the first to pull, do you tank more, are you exploiting vengeance). Doesn't make much sense discrediting ranking sites because its factual information, where your input is more subjective based on your experience. While you're pulling 200k on spoils, I can do 350k. That's not balanced.

DK's are lower, I think.
LOL i have been guilty of that before too Turcika but in this case ive always had RF going i think it maybe just the fight my warrior tanks first and i have very little vegence when i first taunt off him like on Dark Shaman inside the hut so when i taunt off it does take a little while to get going even sometimes when i use wings. But its cool like said im not wiping so i guess it just how it plays going to try salv a sec before a pull like Berith said.
Peace out
Prot pally play style is fun, but why bring a prot pally when there are more superior tanking classes, or should I say classes that are more based off of player skill, not just "you get what you get"

Someone seriously wrote this?

Oh, I see, it's from a guy who's yet to even clear LFR, so he comments with the confidence allowable only through extreme ignorance.
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Remember when DKs were qualified to comment anywhere about anything?

Me neither.

I lol'd

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