My pallys transmog! need advice

Ok well I'm liking what i see but i can't find any helmet to complete it(or does it look good w/o one) ,also any advice for my gloves?
Also please rate anything well help thank you!!!
Dark iron helm or Faceguard of determination could work with human female I think for helm.

Dark iron, Gauntlets of the chosen, or Fireskin Gauntlets would go well.

Draconic Avenger (axe), Nightfall (axe), Fell Iron Greatsword (sword) or Voldrethar (sword) for weapon.
I like the Warblade of the Sin'dorei for my 2h sword xmog. Simple and elegant, plus nobody on alliance ever has one.
Yet that bright red would not go with her current gear set up. And she is alliance, so short of paying 60$ to nab one, she won't ever have it as an option. So why are we talking about it?
I will never underestimate peoples' willingness to spend money to be different in a video game.

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