5.4.8 Known Issues - Updated 6/10/14

Bug Report
This is a listing of some of the known issues for World of Warcraft Patch 5.4.8
  • This list is not complete, and will not include all issues.
  • The issues listed here are frequently reported issues that may be addressed at a later date via a client patch.
  • Forum threads that report issues already on this Known Issues list may be locked if they are constantly bumped with no new, relevant information
  • The latest patch notes & hotfixes can always be found at the below link:
    5.4.8 Hotfixes

  • Argent Tournament Valiant/Champion daily quests cannot be unlocked after a paid faction change for Champion of the Horde / Champion of the Alliance characters.
  • Master Forteski sometimes cannot be interacted with for "Cornered and Crushed!" or "Nowhere to Run"
  • Is That A Real Measurement? will not accept Noodle Carts crafted when you are in a raid.
  • The NPCs are sometimes not present during the quest "Diplomacy First".
  • It is possible for the quest "The Sacred and the Corrupt” to become permanently stalled.
  • The Stormcrest Eagle vehicle is despawning immediately after being summoned in the quest "Fervor of the Frostborn".
  • Following completion of certain pet battle daily quests, teleports (Hearthstone) to different zones have the potential to fail.
  • Players sometimes do not get credit for defeating elite Battle Pets during the quest: "Beast of Fable".
  • Players are unable to complete multiple quests in the Elemental Bonds quest chain if they have completed the quest "Full Circle", blocking quest progression.

  • Environment
  • Part of the Lion's Pride Inn in Goldshire is not providing the rested state.
  • The minimap of the exterior section in the Troves of the Thunder King scenario area is appearing bright green.
  • There is an extra plane of water over the pathway in Isle of Giants.

  • Combat
  • Priest - Mind Vision can channel while viewing the Priest's perspective after switching between targets during a channel.
  • Shaman - Healing Rain is missing a graphical spell effect and the sound ends abruptly.
  • Priest - The spell animation for the Shadow spec version of Divine Star will sometimes not display, unlike the Discipline and Holy versions.
  • Druid - Treants summoned by Force of Nature are returning to the caster before engaging in combat.
  • Warlock - Command Demon does not change into its pet specific version when the Warlock summons the pet type for the first time.
  • Spells that have a cast time cannot be used while moving when stored by Dark Simulacrum.
  • Paladin's Light's Hammer causes you to stand when it heals allies.
  • Hunter - Steady Focus will not apply if Glaive Toss (117050) projectiles are still active when you fire Steady Shot.
  • Warlock - Demonic Gateway will disappear if the caster moves greater than 100 yards away.
  • Death Knight - The Rune UI will continue to appear to recharge while under the effects of Fatigue.
  • Death Knight - Spells that have a cast time cannot be used while moving when stored by Dark Simulacrum.
  • Rogue - The additional combo point cast from Ruthlessness initiates combat.
  • Rogue - Casting Vanish while in Subterfuge will remove the Vanish buff early when Subterfuge fades.

  • UI
  • Blood Elf female cloaks do not display correctly.
  • You may be unable to remove players from your Ignore List if the account associated with the character has been deleted.
  • Players, other than the party leader, are prompted to select a role, the first time that specific group queues for an arena match.

  • Items & Tradeskills
  • Some tradeskill game objects can be opened after they have been looted causing an empty loot window to appear.
  • Raptor mounts are missing their MountSpecial sounds.
  • Items that have random affixed stats (of the landslide, etc) are having hit and expertise incorrectly scaled down in Challenge Modes and Proving Grounds.
  • Players may have licensed mounts or pets mailed to them multiple times. Once the pet or mount has been learned and added to the account, the mails will cease.
  • Frostweave bandages heal for less health than their netherweave counterparts.
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